5 Gold Myths Debunked

My best friend and I have many commonalities between us. We have similar taste in food, music, clothes, books, shoes and almost everything. However, one ground that we have heavy disagreements on, is our choice in Jewellery. While I am a ‘Gold Girl’, she is everything else but Gold

A common misconception about gold is that it’s ornate and pompous. My friend thought no differently until I introduced her to CaratLane an online junction for contemporary jewellery that modern women look for today. Therefore, my attempt with this write-up is to burst 5 myths about Gold and how one can spruce their everyday look with this timeless metal.

Myth 1 – Gold is Yellow

While yellow is the most common and popular form of gold, there are other shades that will take every gold critic by surprise. Some other forms known to us are white and rose. White gold is an alloy of gold, platinum, nickel and zinc while rose gold is a mix of gold copper and silver.

Thanks to a combination of metals, the texture of metal made from alloy of gold is more study and less malleable. As a result, jewellery designers and craftsmen have the freedom to experiment and design unique and exquisite jewellery pieces. The stunning filigree ring from the ‘Enchanted Collection” available at CaratLane is a fine rose gold ring that shows off an elegant and exquisite design. A perfect anniversary gift, this 18k rose gold ring is a perfect ornament for everyday wear.

Filigree ring from the ‘Enchanted Collection”

Carat Lane Gold Ring

Myth 2 – Gold is Bulky

In the contemporary world, the philosophy of designing gold jewellery has come a long way from being bulky to more light and practical. This departure is very much evident in the Trellis collection. Striking yet minimalist, the collection offers a range of pendants, earrings and bangles that are far cry from bulky. Instead the design is very intricate, feminine, minimal, simply exquisite and spells class.

Althea Trellis Bangles from the Trellis CollectionCarat Lane Gold Bangles

Myth 3 – Gold is Expensive

There is no doubt that gold is a very valuable metal. In fact, many people buy gold jewellery from the perspective of investment. But who said that you cannot buy it on a budget? Thanks to CaratLane.com, you can purchase authenticating jewellery at an affordable price point. Consider, for instance, the Rhodeus Drop Earrings from the Gold Lace collection. Priced at just Rs. 5,534 this geometrical designed pair of earrings will be an exquisite addition to your collection. Beautiful and elegant, the earrings can be effortlessly donned with both western and ethnic wear.

Rhodeus Drop Earrings from the Lace CollectionCarat Lane Gold Earrings

Myth 4 – Gold Jewellery offers Limited Design

For most people, gold jewellery is a reminder of ornate and heavy pieces that are worn on weddings and special occasions. However, if you check the line of jewellery available online, you will be surprised to learn the wide collection of jewellery that one can choose from. Each piece is developed keeping in mind a given design philosophy or source of inspiration which makes every collection unique and special. Geometrical designed earrings and jewellery truly encompasses the development of modern and beautiful jewellery designs.

Danna Hammered Drop Earrings from the Crush CollectionCarat Lane Gold Earrings

Myth 5 – Never Buy Gold Online

Well shopping for jewellery online is no different from buying clothes and gadgets from any of the online retailers. Ordering jewellery online is simple, easy and you can take time before reaching a buying decision. In fact, CaratLane also offers “try and buy” option for certain designs and collection. For this, you just need to book a free trial slot and the consultant will come to your home with the jewellery pieces you wish to buy. If you like the piece, you can go ahead and order for the same.

Gold is timeless and evergreen. It is naturally rich and serves base for the creation of one of the most beautiful and exquisite range of
jewellery and ornaments.

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