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Today I am here with a health related topic. My blog will feature both health and beauty contents. I know everyone is aware of the dangerous of eating excess salt but no one try to give it up unless they find themselves in danger. We add salt to our food to increase the taste of our food as no one would want to eat bland food but today I will tell you some kitchen ingredients that you can replace salt with. These alternatives will not fully substitute salt but increasing the quantity of these stuff will not only make your food tasty but will give you more additional benefits.

spicesExcessive salt intake can result in: Hypertension, bloating, high blood pressure(the very common health condition associated with salt intake), swelling, puffy eyes, kidney stones, breathing difficulties, dehydration, etc…

1. Vinegar and Lemon Juice: Have the same magic ability as salt, the acidity not only adds its own taste but also brings out the essence of other ingredients. I have tried lemon juice in my dishes and it really takes over salt (I don’t feel the need to add more salt to any dish).


2. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are tangy and add extra flavor and taste to any dish. Tomatoes function similarly to vinegar and lemon juice due to their acidity. You just need more of them to replace salt. I personally prefer tomatoes in everything I eat be it daal or any sabzi. Tomatoes offer more benefits when they are eaten in cooked form so add them to your curry to decrease the salt intake. Tomatoes offer a delicious compliment to any dish.


3. Onion and Garlic: Onion and garlic is added to every Indian dish. What we would do without them. No one can imagine the scenario we would be in without onion and garlic. They add depth and aroma to our dish. I know many of you will say “Oh no, onions are so expensive these days and who would replace salt for onions.” But soon onions will become cheap and then add them more to your food as an alternative to salt. Garlic has that salty and tangy flavor to it so it would be great to replace salt.

onion and garlic

4. Herbs: Herbs can lift a dish from okay to fabulous. Many herbs, such as oregano, bay leaf, curry leaf and thyme are actually more flavorful when dried. Tender-leaved herbs such as coriander, parsley, mint and basil are best fresh.


5. Spices: Who doesn’t add spices to their dish. There would be no one who loves to eat bland dish or dish without spices. Spices add extra flavour, taste and aroma to any dish. Spices such as cumin, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, fennel seeds, green and black cardamom or any of the dozens of spices on supermarket shelves add piquant tang.


6. Peppers: They provide tingly heat that distracts the tongue of less salt in dish. Try black pepper, chilli powder or green chillies.


These six alternatives are not only tasty but nutritious and healthy and great for replacing salt. I have taken a step to reduce my salt intake so that I can never be a target of high blood pressure and other health conditions associated with excessive salt intake.

With this I end my article leaving a question for you all “Are you still having too much salt in your diet”.

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  1. Great post! I totally agree, rather than adding a lot of salt to a dish, spices give such good flavor to the dish and compliments the dish very nicely compared to just regular salt. Thank you for the tips!

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