Avon Care Nourishing Face Wash Review

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I want to review more and more of nourishing and moisturizing products as winter is approaching and dry skin is the major issue in winters and everyone wants that their skin remains soft and moisturized in this weather. So this is the reason, I’m reviewing more products that nourishes and softens the skin. If you want review on any particular brand or specific product, do mention in the comments, I’ll be happy to do. Today’s review is on Avon Care Nourishing Face Wash. Move on to know more about it.

Avon Care Nourishing Face Wash

Price: 79 for 50 g, got it on discount for Rs. 60

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Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover Review

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I can never go to bed with my makeup on, like never 8-) no matter how tired or late I am. Makeup removing is a must for me as I don’t want any allergic reaction or breakouts from sleeping on with makeup. I have tried different ways of removing makeup like oil cleansing method which just works great, face wipes, baby oil, vaseline, etc. Let’s just move on to today’s review and not talk about makeup removing methods. This is the first makeup remover I have ever used and I totally love it. Read on to know why!

Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover

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5 Products I Would Repurchase

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There are certain products which I really love and would purchase again and again. Well, I thought my readers would be happy to read what products I like a lot and would purchase them again. So I’m starting a new series of post in which I’ll be featuring what are those products which I would like to repurchase. Read on to know why I love these products and why would I repurchase them.

Products I Would Repurchase

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Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Shampoo Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing a shampoo from Avon’s Daily Shine range. The Daily Shine range has shampoo, conditioner and a serum, I didn’t order this shampoo but the rep gave me this as a freebie. I was like no I don’t want this, give me something else in place of this. No, I didn’t say this to the rep but was just murmuring with myself and with no other option left then having the grudges to tell her, I had to keep this shampoo. I didn’t want it because I just had my hair rebonded and I was using all hair products on my stylist’ suggestion. Didn’t get a chance to use it then but now I’m using it to share my review with you all.. Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Shampoo Read more

How To Do Pedicure with Avon Foot Works

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Today suddenly my attention got on my feet and I was in a complete shock, they were in a very bad condition then I thought my feet also need some care and love like my face needs. I thought of doing a pedicure and managed to take out time for it, I took out all the products that are needed to do a pedicure and I got so happy, I almost had every product for my pedicure except the foot soak but that was not a problem, shampoo did the thing.

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Avon Refined White Foaming Cream Cleanser Review

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It’s been really long since I did any review on Avon product. So here I am with a review of cream cleanser from Avon Refined White range. Avon Refined White range has cream cleanser, toner, day cream SPF 20, UV block SPF 30 and whitening night cream. I have cleanser and day cream from this range and today I’ll be reviewing the foaming cream cleanser. Move onto the review to know whether its claims for whitening the skin are true or not.


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