My Life on Instagram!!

I love Instagram and recently got addicted to it, I post there quite regularly and share all the random pics of my life. I thought to share the Insta pics with you all so those who don’t have an Instagram account can see the pics here, if you like this feature, let me know, I will share the pics once in 2-3 weeks.IMG_20140921_155413 Continue reading My Life on Instagram!!

Hubby’s Surprise Haul- Skincare

Hey Everyone,

So today’s haul was a surprise haul done by my hubby all by himself just to surprise me with the things I like and love using! The thing was that he went and bought some things for me which was mainly makeup- Colorbar lippies, nailpaints, illuminating lotion and many more. He just picked the shade without even seeing the colors, I know he must have picked them without seeing the shades as he don’t know much about makeup so he just picks whatever he sees in front of him just to make me happy. He bought all the stuffs alongwith the Colorbar box and gave me a surprise but I instead of being happy got frustrated seeing the bad shades he picked for me! Read the rest of the story below ;)Hubby's Surprise Haul Continue reading Hubby’s Surprise Haul- Skincare

Products I Finished Using This Month

Hello Prettiest!!!

I have seen many beauty bloggers doing a monthly empties post, so I thought I’d do my post on the same topic. I find monthly empties content un-friendly so I am using an easier substitute for this. Hope you will enjoy this post.

Products I Finished Using

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Avon Solutions Hydra Radiance Refreshing Gel Cleanser Review

Hi All!!

Today I will be reviewing one of my favourite face washes. I have a lot of favourite face wash so this is just one amongst them. I have already reviewed my one more favourite face wash earlier Lotus Professional Deep Pore Cleansing Face Wash. Let’s move on to the review to know more about this face wash..

Avon Refreshing Gel Cleanser

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Glam-Up Powder Cream Review, Swatches

Glam-Up Powder Cream Review

Hello Gorgeous!!

Today my review is about a recently launched cream Glam Up. As soon as I saw the ad of this cream I got tempted to buy it and ordered my beau to get one for me. It has been three days since I am using it and now it’s review time….Yeeyyy:)

Glam-Up Powder Cream Review

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DIY Fairness Pack

Hii Lovelies!!

 I received a very positive response for my last DIY so I thought of sharing another pack with you all which you will like as much as you liked the previous one which you can see HERE. I have been using this pack from last 4-5 years and I am always consistent with it. Whenever I feel my skin is a little dull or tanned, I make this pack for myself and all the dullness and tanning is gone in just 15 minutes. :) This pack is called ubtan in many Indian homes and is mostly used on haldi rasam of marriage so that bride and groom could get the desired glow on their special day :) One more thing I want to share related to this pack is that my younger sister is a little tanned because she is always outside in the sun and my mom keeps on shouting at her to apply this pack so that she could get fair glow like all Indians are obsessed with. And when she applied this pack for continuous 15 days, she was hell glowing and much fairer than her normal skin tone that everyone started complementing her only on her complexion. Isn’t it more than expected from a pack :). Much of me talking, let’s move on to the DIY:

DIY Fairness Pack

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Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact Review

Hello Prettiest!!

How are you all today? Enjoying boring monday! Today I’ll be reviewing the Lakme compact which I have been using for over two months and now it’s time to share the review with you all :) Move on to the review to know how it worked for me :P

 Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact

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