20 Tips to Make Your Skin Fair
Who doesn’t love having a fair skin and when we talk about Indians, I think Indians are obsessed with fair skin! But that doesn’t mean that dusky skinned people aren’t beautiful, they are equally beautiful, I don’t think color makes you look more or less beautiful than others in any way. But sometimes when your skin color gets darker than your natural color then you look out for tips that can help you get fair skin and your natural skin color back. Today’s environment, pollution, sun and a bunch of chemicals used in products takes away your natural glow and complexion. Today I would be sharing few tips that will help you get fairer and glowing skin naturally.Tips to Make Your Skin Fair1. Mix one tsp of sandalwood powder and a pinch of turmeric with a tsp of rose water. Apply this mixture on face and neck and keep it on for 15 minutes. Use it on alternate days or thrice for optimal results.

2. Combine manjishta (Indian Madder) with turmeric, honey and lemon juice & apply it on your face and neck.

3. Grind Bengal gram (chana daal) and masoor daal in mixer and add fuller’s earth and a pinch of tumeric to this mix. Mix a few drops of lemon juice and rose water to this mix to make a thick paste. Apply this to your skin and let it stay for 15-20 minutes. Rub your skin gently in circular motion while removing this mask. This pack acts as a pack and scrub as well! This natural fairness face pack brings amazing result in making your skin fair and glowing.

4. Combine fuller’s earth with orange peel powder and milk cream together, use this fairness mask on your face thrice a week to see a visible results in 2 weeks. This mask will make your skin beautiful and supple!

5. Mix half a tsp of cinnamon powder and 1 tsp of honey to prepare a homemade fairness and anti-acne facial mask.

6. Apply ripe strawberry or strawberry pulp mixed with honey on the face to lighten your skin tone.

7. Drinking warm milk with a pinch of saffron or raw turmeric added to it helps in improving the skin complexion. You can get raw turmeric from grocery stores.

8. Washing face with coconut water helps in improving the complexion. This remedy also helps in removing acne marks and pigmentation. You can also make a mix of coconut water and turmeric and apply it regularly on your skin if you have easy access to coconut water.

9. Blend cucumber juice, lemon juice and rose water together and apply on your skin for 20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. This mixture helps to lighten and brighten your skin tone. Or you can make a mixture of rose water, glycerin and lemon juice and store it in the refrigerator. Use this mixture every night before going to bed or before taking bath, it will really help lighten your skin tone, I can say this from my personal experience!

10. Apply honey, lemon juice and tomato juice mixture on your face to remove sun tan and get a fair and glowing skin.


11. Eating foods rich in Vitamin C helps to lighten the skin tone naturally, you can include consumption of lemon juice water in your daily routine to lighten your skin tone. This is a proven remedy!

12. Boil cumin seeds and fennel seeds in 2 glasses of water, boil it till it turns half. Use this water to wash your face two times a day after cleansing your face. This will help to lighten and brighten your skin tone. You can also consume this water first thing in the morning to see more drastic results in your skin.

13. Add one tsp of tamarind pulp (soaked overnight or for an hour) to half a tsp of turmeric and apply this mixture on you skin. This is a proven home remedy which acts as a natural bleach for skin, giving immediate results in making skin fairer.

14. Soak up 4-5 almonds in raw milk or plain water overnight and grind them in the morning. This pack will help to make your skin fairer and brighter with continuous use. You can also add milk cream to this pack to make it more smooth.

15. Apply curd on a regular basis to get a fairer, brighter skin. You can add a pinch of tumeric to 2 tsp of curd and apply this pack before taking bath. The steam from your bath water will help it penetrate deeper giving great results.

16. Potato is a natural bleaching agent, either rub a potato directly onto your face or extract its juice and then apply it on your face. It will definitely give you fairer skin within few weeks and will remove your dark circles and acne marks too.

17. Make a mixture of 1 tsp of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, lemon juice, honey and raw milk/milk cream. Apply this pack on your face everyday to see great lightening effects. Continuous use for 15-20 days will help you get a fair skin.

18. Use this skin lightening mask before attending any event- mix honey and coconut milk in equal amounts. Keep it on for 20 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. It will make your skin fair, glowing and brighter instantly.

19. Application of lemon peel and lemon juice helps lighten the skin tone. You can also make a mixture of lemon juice and honey and apply it to your face. This mix or direct application of lemon juice helps in giving fairer, brighter skin naturally.

20. Exfoliating your skin with a mixture of wheat bran (chokkar), milk cream, honey and lemon juice will give instant lightening results and softer skin. Try using this scrub recipe in place of market bought scrubs.

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