82e – Deepika Padukone has recently launched her own skincare line and obviously it was meant to create a buzz, I mean, just look at Deepika’s skin – it’s smooth as a baby’s butt. Don’t we all go crazy when we see a celebrity using a particular skin care product and we instantly hop on the shopping apps to buy that product not even thinking if it might suit our skin? That’s what happened when we all saw Deepika using her own skin care line on her super smooth skin – we instantly wanted to try out the products.

So I was sent these two products to try them out and review them on my blog. And here I am sharing my honest feedback on 82e skincare range.

82e Patchouli Glow Sunscreen Drops SPF 40 – This would be the first sunscreen I have ever seen in an oil base, sunscreen usually comes in a cream or lotion formula and this would be the first time I came across sunscreen in an oil base so I was excited to try it and see how well it would perform as a sunscreen.

The glow drops patchouli oil as the name suggests is an oil, feels feathery and light weight on the skin, I apply it after applying my moisturizer by slightly dabbing it on to FBthe skin. It does not absorb much and sits on the skin like all oils do, I mostly like to use it before using my makeup as it acts as a base to hold my makeup and to also moisturize the rough areas of my skin rather than using it alone on days I don’t use makeup, because it can attract dirt from the air which would just stick to my face and no one likes dust sitting on their face. The Patchouli oil sunscreen drops is enriched with patchouli and ceramides so it’s best suited for dry skin and people who does not like white cast and dry feel left by most sunscreens. I personally would have liked if it was just a regular oil and not marketed as a sunscreen but it does the job of moisturizing and protecting the skin well so I don’t mind using it when going out as it does not take time to rub it in unlike most sunscreens that require an extra minute or two to fully absorb into the skin.

Price – 1800 for 30ml

82e Lotus Splash Gentle Face Cleanser (Vegan)

I like the fact that all the 82e products are vegan and cruelty free. This is a very gentle cleanser – one of the most gentle cleansers I have come across. It does not foam, lathers well and removes all the dirt and grime in one go. For makeup, you’d have to use a cleansing wipe and an oil based cleanser before using this cleanser. It does leave the skin squeaky clean, fresh and not drying. It does give a luxury feel everytime I wash my face with this, mostly because of the packaging but also because of the subtle luxury fragrance used in this which reminds me of the flower ‘Lotus’. This cleanser suited my dry, acne prone skin really well and I might keep going back to it just because of how gentle it is in cleaning the skin.

Price – 1200 for 100ml

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