The Government of India introduced an app named ‘AarogyaSetu’ 4 days back where you can track the risk level of the current pandemic COVID-19

The app uses your phone’s location, Bluetooth and your number to assess your risk level of coronavirus on the basis of whether you have interacted with someone who could have tested for COVID-19

You can download the app both on your android and your iPhones by simply typing ‘AarogyaSetu’ in the search bar of your respective app store.

Here’s how the app works:

After installing the app, there’d be an icon of languages where you can select from 11 languages, you can choose your desired language.

There’ll be pages popping up informing you about the COVID-19 situation. After going through the pages, you’ll have an option of registering on the AarogyaSetu app.

Aarogyasetu App Download

The app uses your mobile number, Bluetooth and location details to track whether you are at risk of catching corona virus or not.

Aarogyasetu App Tracker

Register on the app with your mobile number and verify the otp that would be sent to you on your mobile. 

The mobile number is required by the app for the Government of India to trace back all touch points that have been tested positive for COVID-19 through all the active devices that have installed the app and were in close radius of that person in the last 14 days. A notification will be sent to all such contacts with an advisory on further course of action to self isolate or to get the test done if needed. This will help our Government to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and enable them to take proactive measures for our health.

After registering on the app, the app shows your risk level in green and yellow codes, where green depicts your level of safety and yellow depicts your risk of being infected and how you should further contact the concerned helpline number to get the test done. The helpline numbers are shared on the app under COVID-19 help centers from where you can contact the number of your particular state. 

AarogyaSetu App

You can also take the self assessment test by tapping on the option where a window will open and ask you a few questions regarding your gender, age, current health and your travel history and will assess your risk of catching coronavirus. For example, I’ve been suffering from sore throat and cough from last few days, I took the test and answered all the questions which then showed me that my risk of catching the infection is low. The app will keep sending you notifications if you are in close radius of the person suffering from COVID-19 so make sure you turn on the notification and keep your location on at all times.

AarogyaSetu App

You can download the app from the links below:
Iphone: Link
Android: Link

AarogyaSetu: This is a great initiative taken by our Government to control the current pandemic where the current cases of coronavirus has crossed 4000 in India and no vaccine has been found yet, we urge everyone to download this app and be safe. Till then stay home, stay safe!