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Today I want to share with you all what Alia had reveal in an interview about her beauty and diet routine. Alia has lost 16 kg before shooting for Student of the Year. Isn’t that epic! Who can lose this much weight so fast.. She was a bit chubby and had to lose weight for her first film.. Learn more about her beauty and diet routine down below..


Did you know Alia is 20 years old, same as my age just 5 days older than me. I didn’t know this until today when I was searching for her pics on google.. Let’s see what the 20-year-old does to keep her face looking so fresh and flawless. Certain questions were asked from Alia, to which her replies were these-

Do you have a beauty routine?

I don’t really have a routine – just drink a lot of water and juices.

What’s your day like in terms of diet and food intake? What do you binge on?

My daily food intake consists of egg whites, vegetables, chicken and milk/dahi. My cheat day is Sunday, so I binge on McDonald’s or Chinese food.

What is your concept of beauty?

Beauty is how you are early in the morning – raw and fresh. It’s who you really are on the inside.

How do you recover after a long day, where you have no time to pamper your skin, hair or body?

I work out, and then indulge in some scrub and steam. I love how my body feels after this!

How do you take care of your hair in the summer?

I brush it twice a day and wash it thrice a week. More often in the summers. I also take supplements for healthy hair, skin and nails.

What’s your nail colour for this season?

I’m loving n*de mani currently!

What’s your favourite spa treatment?

I love going to the Myrah Day spa in Juhu, Mumbai. I love getting the body sports massage and a full body scrub.

Now coming to her diet and exercise routine-

Her Diet: While preparing for her role in SOTY, Alia followed a strict diet and exercise routine.

Breakfast: Vegetable juice

Mid-morning snack: A bowl of papaya

Lunch: Quinoa with chicken or one roti with dal, vegetables and curd.

Evening: One fruit or some kurmura.

Dinner: Chicken or fish with veggies or dal and curd.

Post-dinner snack: A glass of milk.

312127,xcitefun-alia-bhatt-femina-india-2She eats every two hours, stick to a high-protein diet and workout four to five times a week. Alia practises Ashtanga yoga and hit the gym for weight training, along with 45 minutes of cardio, thrice a week.

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