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Amrita Rao’s Beauty & Health Secrets

Amrita Rao Beauty and Health SecretsAmrita Rao is a very bubbly and beautiful looking actress. I know many of us want to know what these actress do to stay beautiful and what is the secret behind their glowing skin. Well, half the credit goes to makeup for some actress but some are naturally beautiful and have good genes which are responsible for their flawless and beautiful skin. This applies to Amrita Rao as well as she is gifted with good genes and her beautiful and flawless skin is not the result of makeup but is because of her good genes and healthy habits. Let’s move on to see what Amrita Rao does to keep her skin beautiful and glowing and her body fit.

Amrita Rao’s Skin Care:

Amrita says “I take special care of my skin. I clean my skin with a cleansing milk (Cetaphil) and cotton pad before going to bed at night. After this, I clean my face thoroughly with a face wash which cleans all day’s dust, dirt, grime and makeup. After washing face, I apply calamine lotion on my face and neck and then I use a medicated moisturizer all over my face. I repeat the same process when I wake up in the morning. This routine keeps my skin looking fresh and healthy. I can never miss out moisturizer in my routine as it’s the basic necessity for the skin.” She says “no matter how busy I am in shooting but I always take special care of my skin and never neglect it when it comes to pampering my skin.”

Amrita Rao’s Makeup:

Amrita likes using lipstick, eye liner, compact powder and blush. She says that these makeup essentials keeps her face looking fresh and glowing all day long and doesn’t give a heavy feeling that makeup has been used. Amrita never uses makeup when she’s not shooting. She says skin needs to breathe and not doing makeup once or twice a week lets her skin breathe and regain its natural beauty.

Amrita Rao’s Hair Care:

Amrita likes to oil her hair before shampooing them as it maintains the beauty of her hair. She says oiling hair makes them strong and healthy. Amrita believes if oil is left overnight on hair then this brings shine in hair and makes them strong and beautiful. She always conditions her hair with a mask after shampooing. Amrita also advises not to shampoo hair everyday as it takes away the natural shaft of the hair.

Amrita Rao's Beauty and Health Secrets

Amrita Rao’s Fitness:

Amrita likes to practise yoga regularly and sometimes working out at the gym. She says doing yoga has helped her in making her body fit and flexible. She says “our profession demands slim trim body that is why staying fit is very important for me. Yoga keeps both mind and psyche active and healthy.”

Amrita Rao’s Healthy Eating:

To look beautiful, it is very important to be healthy from inside. For this, it is very important to have healthy meals. Skin will be beautiful only when you’ll be happy and beautiful from inside. Amrita is a pure vegetarian and she always eats healthy and nutritious food. She says “I rarely eat food from out and always prefer or try to eat home cooked food.” Amrita doesn’t like to eat oily and spicy food.

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