Best Sunscreens for Oily Skin in India

Come summers and you start reaching out for your sunscreen cause you know sun is harsh and it’s gonna be out there all day (even inside peeping through your windows and doors) to haunt you down and give those ugly signs of its effects- sun burn, sun tan, wrinkles, freckles, fine lines, uggh and what not and the only thing that can prevent you from all the horrors of Mr. Sun is the Sunscreen, yes just one product to fight all the damage that sun can cause to our beautiful skin!

If you ask me tell me one ‘skin care’ product to age gracefully, I’d say sunscreen is it, yes a sunscreen, forget moisturizing, toning or even washing your face but don’t forget to use a sunscreen! And in this post, I’ve got covered the Best sunscreens for oily skin in India, there would be a separate post on Best sunscreens for dry skin too so watch out for that if you have dry skin and I’ve only included the ones with SPF 30 and above, no matter how good the sunscreen is but below SPF 30 it doesn’t meet my criteria of a ‘best sunscreen’ the way I look into a sunscreen to save the skin from harmful UV rays so you’ll mostly find SPF 50 and only one with SPF 40 which I just realized after finishing up my post!

Best Sunscreens for Oily Skin in India

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ (Price Rs. 499)

This sunscreen and the Lotus UV Screen Matte Gel sunscreen are literally the best affordable sunscreens for combination to oily skin in India! Every girl with oily skin swears by this sunscreen, it’s a chemical sunscreen so it won’t be that good for sensitive skin, yes you heard me right, chemical sunscreen doesn’t go well on sensitive skin, they are better off with a physical sunscreen. It gives sort of a semi-matte finish on oily skin (and matte on my dry skin), doesn’t leave any white caste, is super light-weight! It’s sweat proof, water proof, has SPF 50, PA +++, you name it and it has it, the only bad thing about it is that if it goes inside the eyes, it burns like hell, so make sure not to apply it close to the eyes and not to taste it, coz it tastes bizarre ?

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 PA+++ (Price Rs. 295 & 395)

Quite similar to Neutrogena Dry-Touch sunblock in terms of SPF and PA+ content but actually quite different from it! This one is a physical sunscreen so it’s good for almost all skin types, not to forget it’s best for oily, acne prone skin and is equally good for sensitive-oily skin! It’s got a gel like finish which is what makes it perfect for oily skin, the finish is matte and it feels super-light, you can use it under your makeup as a base and your makeup won’t clinge to it, no white caste plus all day protection from UV rays and is also good for re-application due to its super fast absorbing texture!

Lakme 9 to 5 Mattifying Super Sunscreen (Price Rs. 500)

With SPF 50, PA+++ protection and matte finish suitable for combo to oily skin types, this sunscreen made it to the list of best sunscreens for oily skin! This sunscreen is light weight, has a thick creamy like texture but blends out well, at first it tends to give a white caste which soon settles down (or else do you think I would have included it in this list? Nope, certainly not!) But make sure not to go with a heavy hand with this sunscreen, it can be hard to blend if applied with a heavy hand! With protection against both UVA and UVB rays, it definitely protects from sun burn, tanning, photoaging and other harmful effects of sun but like all other sunscreens, make sure to re-apply it every 3 hours, don’t go by the claim ‘9 to 5’, it’s just a name and there’s a proverb- what’s in a name!

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte-Look Daily Sun Block SPF 40 PA+++ (Price Rs. 235 & 355)

After doing this post, I can confidently say one thing- Lotus makes some of the best sunscreens in India, it’s got a wide range of SPFs, it’s got covered almost all skin types with its sunscreens and the most important thing, they are super affordable, ain’t they? This sunscreen is the Holy Grail sunscreen of most people with oily skin, it’s there in the market since ages but still people can’t get over with it, everytime someone would ask me that they want a tinted sunscreen with high SPF which adds a bit of tint and covers minor flaws, I recommend this to them! This sunscreen is just perfect for people with combination to oily skin, it’s got a tint, it’s got SPF 40, PA+++, it sets to a matte finish, doesn’t clog pores, feels light and breathable! This sunscreen alone can be a daily wear product for most girls since it is a sunscreen (which is what it actually is) plus it doubles up as a tinted moisturizer or say a tinted sunscreen! It’s like a mini version of BB cream I can say! Check its detailed review by clicking on the link Here.

Cetaphil Daylong Light Gel SPF 50 PA+++ (Price Rs. 1499)

Cetaphil is a well known brand for making stuff for oily, acne prone and allergic skin! People suffering from eczema, atopic dermatitis and other allergic conditions are often recommended products from Cetaphil by dermatologist and this sunscreen is no different, it is the most recommended sunscreen by dermatologists for skin suffering from eczema, atopic dermatitis or skin that is hypersensitive to sun or easily gets sun burn/tan!

This sunscreen’s got a light weight ‘lotion like’ texture (it’s not gel like as it says), absorbs quickly and sets to a semi matte finish, SPF 50, triple PA+ protection, is fragrance free and non comedogenic, paraben free (nor that it says but I couldn’t find paraben anywhere in the list so yup, a total boon), all in all a perfect sunscreen for oily, sensitive and acne prone skin, also equally good for skin that is under ‘medical treatment‘, make sure to get a thumbs up for it from your dermatologist before you take my words on it if you are under any treatment like peeling, microdermabrasion, laser, etc.

Vichy Ideal Soleil Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch SPF 50 (Price Rs. 1200)

When you say I want that perfect mattifying sunscreen that feels almost like you have nothing on when you touch your skin but still does the job of a sunscreen then this sunscreen can be your best bet! It’s got a thick cream like texture but blends out well and sets to a super matte finish, ‘matte dry‘ I would call it, it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky at all and doesn’t leave a white caste! It’s Hypoallergenic and is tested on sensitive skin so it’s good for combination, oily and sensitive skin, also it’s enriched with the famous ‘Vichy Thermal Spa Water’ and broad spectrum UV filtering system which makes sure you are extra protected from the harmful UV rays out there! 

Sebamed Multiprotect Sunsreen SPF 50+ (Price Rs. 1500)

This sunscreen right here has got almost everything what it takes to be a perfect sunscreen except that it does not give a complete mattifying effect and you may want to powder your face to mattify your face which you certainly can overlook if ‘matte’ is not the only thing you look for in a sunscreen! Other than that- ask me what it does not have- it’s waterproof, sweat proof, free from parabens, alcohol, paraffin, PEG bonds, it’s got a pH value of 5.5, it repairs the skin while protecting the skin from sun damage and has got good UVA and UVB protection tho it does not mention the amount of PA+ protection but it says it absorbs 98% of UVA rays and I God damn trust on this claim that means buh-bye early wrinkles and photo aging skin, never come back until I want you to which is like never ?!

This comes in a liquidy lotion formula so it’s easy to apply and spread, it’s light weight and breathable on skin but as I said the only con is that it isn’t mattifying and you know how to work on it- don’t you? It gives sort of a sheen finish which can be dealt if your other products are matte! It is good for almost all skin types- acne prone, super sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin but the skin types which will be most benefitted from it are combination skin, sensitive and mature skin!

Avene Eau Thermale Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+ (Price Rs. 1250)

This sunscreen comes in two forms- emulsion and cream form and the emulsion one is more suitable for oily skin cause of its light weight texture and non greasy finish! The sunscreen doesn’t contain alcohol, silicones, parabens and is water resistant and oil free! It gives sort of a semi matte finish and lightly moisturizes the skin so it goes perfect as a makeup base. This sunscreen is more suitable for combination skin as well as oily skin and is also a good option for sensitive skin. It says it gives 98% protection against the UV rays in 4 hours but as always you have to re-apply it after 4 hours if you stay out in the sun between 9 to 4 pm.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Fluid SPF 50 PA+ (Price Rs. 1400)

This light weight, non sticky, fragrance free and paraben free sunscreen provides the best of protection against both UVB and UVA rays with Mexoryl XL as its active ingredient which absorbs light at a broader range than any other sunscreen (meaning you can be assured while you are in the sun with this sunscreen on that you have the best protection on), chemical sunscreens sits on the top of the skin and radiates the UV rays back from the skin’s surface, and this is what exactly this sunscreen does, it does not absorb into the skin nor lets UV rays gets in through the skin! The formula is non comedogenic (it won’t clog the pores so worry not if most sunscreens breaks you out, this won’t), is super light, absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave that horror white caste! Bonus: It’s also water proof and sweat proof!

Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA++++ (Price Rs. 2800)

So I didn’t want this list to just be ‘drugstore’ options, I wanted to include that ‘worth it’ high end brand to the list too which if you splurge your money on wouldn’t make you regret the decision cause this sunscreen is so good that for those ‘splurge’ fanatic people, it would be one of the best options from all high-end brands so it ultimately, made its way to the list of Best Sunscreens for Oily Skin overlooking its price tag!

This sunscreen has SPF 50 like most of the above sunscreens but what makes it stand out is its 4 times (4x) the PA+ protection which means it gives great protection against UVA rays which are responsible for photo aging, tanning, fine lines and long term damage and also protects good time against UVB rays with its SPF 50 so hello to beautiful skin and buh-bye to early wrinkles! The sunscreen is paraben free, fragrance free, colorant free, is super light, gets easily absorbed into the skin and lightly moisturizes the skin without feeling greasy or sticky, it acts as a perfect makeup base and is great for sensitive, combination and oily skin!

With this, our post comes to an end, until next time, stay beautiful, stay sun protected!