So the evergreen Clean & Clear foaming face wash just got a new avatar with a new name and a new look – Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash and it’s got bigger & better (well, just better ?)
I remember Clean & Clear was the first ever face wash I started using in my school days and I used to feel so good about using this face wash back then since it was just perfect for my teenage skin, using it again now makes me feel nostalgic about those days *sob*

So, the new variant comes in a see through bottle (same as the old foaming face wash) but what makes it different is the color of the face wash which is Pink coz of which the bottle looks all pink, there’s a lil rose ? printed on the bottle if you could see it which is kinda cute.

The face wash just couldn’t get any better with two of the most soothing ingredients – Rose Water & Natural Honey! The fragrance of the face wash is really soothing and pleasant, it smells mildly like roses, nothing artificial!

Price: Rs 60 for 50 ml and Rs 110 for 100 ml

The face wash has a gel like texture and you could see some bubbles formed in the bottle which I’m guessing is roses trapped in bubbles (nope, I’m not imagining it, I guess this is what it is!). For those thinking if it’s got exfoliating granules, (nope), it’s just clear gel, there are no particles or granules!

Coming to what the face wash does – The new face wash just got better with added benefits and new formulation. Rose Water in the face wash perfectly cleans my skin off dirt and grime, it works equally good in removing the makeup, on days when I’m tired and I don’t feel like using a makeup remover or a face wipe to wipe off my makeup, I just use this face wash and it works perfectly fine in removing the makeup (provided the makeup is not waterproof which would no doubt, need a makeup remover to wipe it off).

Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash with Rose Water and Honey Review

The face wash does not dry out my skin as it contains Honey which is a nourishing ingredient and nourishes the skin from within. The face wash does not foam much which is good for dry skin (pretty much for every skin type) since less foam means less chemicals used. After using this face wash – my skin feels clean, soft, bright and nourished and it would make a perfect option for anyone who suffers from frequent breakouts and blackheads as it’s got cinnamon (anti-inflammatory ingredient) and glycerine which would nourish the skin while keeping it clear from breakouts. The face wash is also oil free like the regular Clean & Clear foaming face wash but since I’ve got dry skin, I can’t comment on it much as my skin stays dry pretty much the whole day! I love using this face wash and I reach out for it quite often since it makes my skin feel bright & squeaky clean after each wash.

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