Colorbar Ultimate Blemish Corrector Review
Colorbar makeup always stands out in terms of quality but is it the same with Colorbar skincare as well? Let’s find out with the review of this Ultimate Blemish Corrector from Colorbar which I have been using from past one month.Colorbar Ultimate Blemish CorrectorPrice: Rs. 750 for 7.5 ml

Product Claims:

Say a quick goodbye to pimples and blemishes with this fast-acting, invisible acne treatment. Clarifies grainy complexion and dries out blemishes while reducing acne related redness and swelling. Safe for use under makeup. Dermatologically tested.

My Take on Colorbar Ultimate Blemish Corrector:

Colorbar Ultimate Blemish Corrector comes in a silver case tube type packaging with a pump dispenser. The packaging is convenient but sometimes dispenses more than the required amount due to which I often end up using it in excess! The consistency of this product is liquid quite like serum, it’s like a light weight serum based cream. It applies very thinly and upon massaging, just gets invisible in the skin without leaving any trace of stickiness! I apply it as a first treatment product on my skin after using a toner and it gets absorbed pretty quick in the skin giving me time to work up my other skin care products.

Like I said, I have been using this product since past one month, so did it really work for me?
Not really but to an extent which I’m sure inexpensive acne treatments can also do. If applied twice a day, it only treats small breakouts in 3-4 days and it has no major action on large breakouts, clogged pores or preventing the eruption of new breakout and why would I want to incorporate such product in my skin care routine with a price tag of Rs. 750 that can’t even prevent new breakouts from appearing¬†and treat the big ones! I would really not spend this much for a product that just applies well or works on my minor breakouts as there are tons of inexpensive products out there in the market that has a better working action on breakouts than this blemish corrector. For me, Colorbar skincare is a big failure and I really wouldn’t want to try other products from this range after having a not so good experience with its 2 products- ultimate blemish corrector and ultimate eye cream.Colorbar Ultimate Blemish Corrector ReviewColorbar Ultimate Blemish CorrectorColorbar Ultimate Blemish Corrector Swatch

BML Rating: 1.5/5

Give it a skip as it’s good for nothing! Just works on minor breakouts and that too in 3-4 days which I think in this time period, the blemishes can clear up by themselves if you follow a good skin care regimen.