A lot of people have forgotten the traditional beauty secrets passed on to us from our mothers and grandmothers, we try to juggle both work and self care at once where work always wins and self care takes a back spin, we barely use a cleanser for 30 seconds and a basic serum and wish that this would do the miracle it takes to get us flawless face. But it’s actually just in our imagination, if we don’t give our skin what it takes to get good skin then it would never show us what we want. Don’t we all just secretly or not so secretly want a flawless, filter edit face? We all do, including me! Then you got to work for it and put the efforts, by efforts I mean not going for all that fancy stuff you see on the internet but just basic TLC like cleansing, toning, moisturizing and face masking once or twice a week. It barely takes 10 minutes both morning and night and I’m sure 10 minutes from 24 hours means nothing!

Being a skin care fanatic that I am (I wouldn’t call myself a beauty blogger because I barely blog now), I use a lot of good stuff on my face (sometimes bad too, but I stick to good stuff in the end). I’m a lot into pure, natural stuff besides all the science stuff I use on my face and that is why I’m always looking out for brands that makes natural skin care products with the purest ingredients, believe me I’m always at home and still I can’t mix in more than 3 natural ingredients found in my kitchen cause who has this much time in the world? If you do, by all means, please do it! I saw a face mask with very impressive ingredients list and I knew I had to get it and the tan was calling me out to get it too!

The Deyga Rose & Mulethi Skin Brightening Pack is a powder face pack and it has to be mixed with either rose water, raw milk, honey or whatever you can find near you (not literally!). I usually mix it with my rose water, sometimes with my glycolic acid toner when I want to go all fancy and need to scrub that tan off. With rose water, the results are soft, bright skin and with glycolic acid toner, it’s super bright, glowy and rejuvenated in the best way. I feel like I’ve done a mini facial and that’s the results I aim for from my skincare. It’s the only face pack that I make sure I use twice in a week early morning and go on to my regular routine the same day. It definitely revives my skin if I haven’t had the sleep or my skin is looking lacklustre and removes fresh tan. I’d definitely be keeping it handy if I finish it off cause I like to keep powder face packs handy to remove tan and to rejuvenate the skin and face packs which says ‘Brightening’ are my favourite!

Price – INR 490 for 200ml