We are quite sure as Diwali is round the corner, your excitement level would have reached a whole new level, our has just gone to the whole new level. From glitzy fashionable clothing to stunning makeup ideas we are all set to doll up for the festive season. But along with dolling up we even thought about revamping our abodes and that’s when we thought a post on how to decorate your house for the Diwali would help all. We bring you a mix of DIYs and ideas to decor your entire space from the living room, dining table to your bedroom to your lounge area, that will instantly light up your home in a beautiful way. So if you are throwing a Diwali party or if it’s your new home, these diwali decor ideas are sure to inspire you.

Diwali Decor Ideas

1. Hanging lanterns:
Decorate your balcony or the living space with lovely hanging lanterns. You can take mason jars and fill them with tea light candles and hang it from the ceiling of your living room or balcony. This will add a sparkling look to your home. We suggest you opt for colorful lanterns that will elevate your home elegantly.

Diwali Decor Ideas to Beautify Your Home This Diwali
2. Floating candles:
Decorate the center table of your living room with floating candles and bring an exuberant touch to your room. For this, all you need is a fish bowl or antique brass bowl. First fill it with water, then add floating candles, rose and marigold or any other flowers and decorate it on your table or at the corner of your living space.

3. Corner wall rangoli decoration:

Diwali decoration is incomplete without rangoli and the unique way to uplift your home would be corner or side rangoli. Dedicate the corner/side of the living area to rangoli and get as creative as you want. We love this flower rangoli that is insanely easy to recreate, furthermore finish the rangoli with diyas and candles. More Rangoli Ideas >> Here

4. Decorate dining table with candles and diyas:

Hosting a Diwali dinner party? Then spruce your table with fabulous candle holder, diyas. You can decorate the candles either on the center of the dining table or near each dinner plate and bring a soft touch to your table. Don’t add too much of diyas which might bring a clumsy look to the dining table.

5. Glitzy candle holder for dinner table:
Diwali is the synonym to glittery look, so why leave the dinner table behind? If you are hosting a dinner party, then decorate your table with these cute DIY glitter candle holder that is easy to make and will elevate the dining table look. Mix gold paint and glue together and paint the bottom half of the candle jar with it. Then sprinkle glitter on the painted portion and leave it to dry- isn’t this easy?

6. Decorate floors with twine lights:

If you have a large living space and a part of the living area looks empty, then decorate the floors with colorful twine lights which you can make it yourself.
You will need:
Blow air in the balloons and keep them aside, then in a bowl, mix hot water, cornstarch, and glue. Dip the twine into the mixture and squeeze the excess mixture from the twine. Then take one end of the balloon and tie the twine around it. Wrap the balloon from all directions and leave it for 24 hours and then burst the balloon and you will get a good twine ball. Make as many of twine spheres you want and then add LED string lights in them and decorate your floor. You can even hang them and create hanging twine lights- the choice is yours.

7. Decorate window with fairy lights:

Fairy lights snaz up the room in the best possible way and this Diwali we ask you to buy long fairy lights to add a new dimension to your home. Fairy lights or string lights can be used to decorate your pooja room, empty walls, bedroom. But we suggest you decorate the empty window with fairy lights, this will bring a creative and unique look.

window-fairy-lights-decoration 8. Blank walls with tin cans and candles:
Flex your creative muscles and decorate the blank walls differently. Take a hanger and decorate it with paint, flowers, then attach to the hanger, long sturdy threads. To the other end of the threads attach decorated tin cans, make sure the tin cans are securely placed. Then fill the decorated tin cans with diya or tea candles and see the way your blank wall turns lively. tin-cans-wall-decoration9. Center table decoration:
An inexpensive way to decorate your center table would be colorful tea glasses, antique lamp holder and flowers. This is possibly an attractive way to make your living area look colorful and cheerful for Diwali.


10. Diwali photo booth decoration:
Diwali celebrations is incomplete without selfie and to make your photos picture perfect, create an inexpensive yet luxurious looking photo booth. Create a vibrant back drop with colorful dupattas and then decorate them with handmade chart size diya lights and wrap the umbrellas with glossy fabric and strike a pose. You would get some stunning selfie and groupie.


11. Decorate candles jar with lace work:
If you have plain looking candle jar then decorate them with lace fabric and bring a unique touch to the candle jar. Get a lace fabric and with the help of glue, stick the fabric on the jar and leave it to dry for half a day. Voila you will get some stunning decorative candle jars.


12. Floral decor:
Instead of decorating your home with hanging flowers, you can dedicate a small space with flowers and diyas and bring a complete new look.


13. Wall decor with fairy lights and lantern:
Bring a dazzling touch to your walls by decorating it with fairy lights. Also stash few strings of fairy lights in a lantern or bottle and leave it hanging on the wall. This will bring a fabulous look to your entire home.


14. Decorate tea lights with shimmer fabric lace:
Bored of your plain looking tea lights? Then add a fun element by wrapping around it shimmer fabric or glitter tape and further enhance it with rhinestone or embroidery work fabric.


15. Aarti thali decoration:
This year, spruce up your aarti thali with a complete new look. Decorate the thali border, diya with pearl stones and fill in the thali with peacock, swastik or Om design.


16. Enhance the stairs with diyas:
If you have duplex home or stairs at the entrance of your home then ornate the staircase with diyas and candles. It will bring a super cute look to your entire home.

stair-decoration-diwaliThis post got us in full festive mood, hope you’d like the ideas as much as we did compiling them!