Everteen introduces India’s first Bikini Line Hair Remover Cream. Although, there are many hair removal creams available in the market, this one is definitely one of its kind.Everteen Bikini Line Hair Remover Cream

What the product claims

Everteen Crème Hair Remover Bikini Line is specially designed for sensitive skin areas like bikini line and underarms. It is formulated with 100% natural chamomile extract. With “No Harsh Smell” formula of Everteen, your bikini line gets soft & gentle cleaning with no itching and no irritation. It effectively removes hair without any skin burning and provides you soft & smoother bikini line.

Fortified with natural camomile extracts, you can be rest assured that there will be no
• No Razor Bumps Or Ingrown Hair
• No Razor Cuts, Nicks & Burns
• No Skin Darkening
• No Harsh Smell

A woman’s intimate area is very sensitive and hence, one must be very careful about products that are to be used. Other creams are harsh in nature and are intended to be used on legs and hands. Also, they have very harsh chemicals that can cause harm to the bikini area. Everteen Bikini Line Hair Remover Cream is made of 100% natural chamomile extract. It comes with a special formula that causes no harsh smell formula.

• Everteen Bikini Line Hair Remover Cream comes in a travel friendly tube.
• The tube comes with a screw cap
• It comes with a spatula, 2 towel tablets, wet wipe and an instruction leaflet
• White colored and thin textured cream

Price: 149 INR for 50g

How to Use?
Apply a thick layer of cream on your bikini area or underarms and keep the cream for 5-6 minutes. Use the given spatula to remove the cream and clean the area with a damp cloth.
After this, clean the area with tepid water, and an intimate wash from Everteen can be used.

Avoid using the cream for more than 6 minutes and if you have longer hair, trim the same. Do not use this cream over shaved area which has been shaved 36 hours ago. Do a patch test before applying the product on bikini area or under arms.

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My Experience with Everteen Bikini Line Hair Remover Cream

This is the first time I had used any cream what so ever and hence I was pretty excited to see if the cream actually performs like it claims. I followed the process as mentioned in the instruction provided.
The cream does not have a pungent smell like most creams. Although it does have a smell, but it is not really pungent smell.

I loved the result after using the cream. The skin was smooth and soft to touch. There were no bumps, scratches or cuts on the skin. Also, there is no discoloration that I noticed on the skin, I used the cream once a month as my hair growth is not severe. The new hair that comes also is not prickly and the skin texture remains soft over the days.
One may have to use it more regularly if their hair growth is coarser.

Review by Princy