Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

An intimate wash is a hygiene product especially formulated for women to cleanse the intimate area. It is very important to keep personal and intimate area hygiene not only to stay clean and feel fresh, but to also avoid infections, odour, irritation, itching and other health issues.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Women usually talk about beauty products for face and body but they never talk about intimate hygiene products. On an average, 90% women use soap and water to clean their intimate area, however using soap can be really harmful because it irritates the natural vaginal pH level which not only allows harmful bacteria to grow briskly but also causes a lot of unwanted irritation which can be worst at times.

What is Everteen Natural Intimate Wash?

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is packed with 100% natural active ingredients like ficus glomarata, butea frondosa, sphatika, aloe vera.

How does Everteen Natural Intimate Wash helps our body?

Everteen natural intimate wash is scientifically designed to promote body’s natural vaginal balance and maintain complete vaginal hygiene. Trusted as the best feminine hygiene wash with antimicrobial properties of 100 percent natural active ingredients, Everteen inhibits bacterial growth causing infection, unpleasant odour and irritation in intimate area. Daily use of Everteen helps in preventing infections and gives relief from consistent itching or burning in vaginal area.

• Daily use of Everteen helps in preventing infections and gives relief from consistent itching and burning in vaginal areas .
• It also helps in preventing unpleasant odour, itching, irritation and vaginal infection .
• It protects natural pH balance and vaginal Flora.
• Maintains vaginal hygiene, vaginal moisture and everyday freshness .

Price: The bottle has 105 ml of product and costs Rs. 180/-
The shelf life is 18 months from the date of manufacturing.
The bottle is travel friendly. Can be carried easily while travelling.

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My Overall Experience with Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

I have been using the Everteen Natural Intimate Wash for about a month now and I have not faced any issues with this product, so far it’s been good. I have suffered from vaginal infection earlier so I have to be extra careful of what I use down there and since I’m using this wash I have no complaints about it whatsoever. It decently cleans the area and keeps it fresh all day long. It doesn’t dry out the intimate area or makes it feel itchy.
I face less bacterial infections now that I have started using this intimate wash. The formula of this intimate wash is super mild, it is SLS and SLES free, it lathers well and is decently priced.

Overall, I had a good experience with Everteen Natural Intimate Wash and would definitely recommend it to people who are looking for something to maintain the hygiene of their intimate area, it is as mild as a baby wash so you don’t have to worry about the skin getting drier.

Review by Karishma