lakme-9-to-5-weightless-mousse-foundationSo what’s so weightless about Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation?

Umm, you have to read it till the end to know what’s so weightless about this foundation! But let me just spill out one surprise for ya’ll, there’ll be a giveaway on my Instagram page where there’ll be one winner to win this weightless mousse foundation, so land over to my Insta page and follow me to stay updated to know when the giveaway goes live! Username: @arzoobml

Coming back to the Oh so weightless talk (the foundation) – I was quite intrigued to try this Foundation as it sounded quite interesting from its name so I just went ahead and bought two shades, one from the Beige and one from the Rose range both of which adhere to different undertones. Stumped much? Then go check what your skin’s undertone is Here. Thank Me later!

So the foundation comes in an out-of-the-box packaging (not that it doesn’t come with a box) but in an uniquely curated tube as all foundations usually come in a glass bottle and with a bo-ring packaging (but this tube, it had to be #soweighltless ?) I find this tube easy to sneak in my bag and it’s easy and handy for touch ups too as it almost feels like a compact when blended into the skin.

Texture ~ Super soft, almost feels like a compact!

Finish ~ Umm, matte, at least it’s matte on my skin, don’t know about others. It almost goes like powdery matte which feels exactly like when you apply compact as a last step to complete your makeup and you get that feeling of All-Done, yeah, this is the feeling I get with this foundation. Don’t even feel like using a compact to top it up with!

Coverage ~ Now, that’s where it’s a bummer, it has almost sheer to no coverage and has no mercy for people with nasty skin – with acne, scars, dark circles, pigmentation, it doesn’t do anything for them. I remember using it when I was heading to DLF Mall and despite of layering it again & again, it didn’t cover my bruised nose (at all) which I accidently snatched with my nail so I had to hunt for my concealer and use it to cover up my bruised nose.

Shades ~ Only 4 and God knows, who all can fit in those 4 shades ? Like launching a foundation with only 4 shades and that too a new launch, is this some kind of joke #Lakme? What were you even thinking while deciding on the shades of this foundation? I need an Answer! I mean since it’s so weightless ~ perfect for college goers, for daily use, then what are those ladies gonna do who doesn’t fit in these shades? Just sit back and adore! Or just work it up. Dafuq! Well, for me, thankfully I match with the shades I got – Rose Honey and Beige Caramel, both these shades go well with my skin tone, since I’m neutral undertoned, I can fit with both yellow and pink based foundations and I enjoy this one good-thing about my life ☺ (You know you should appreciate small lil things about your life which makes a big part of your makeup routine ?) The shades Beige Caramel and Rose Vanilla are almost similar to each other, maybe that’s why I match with the shades. Beige range comes with yellow undertones and Rose range comes with pink undertones.

lakme-9-to-5-weightless-foundation-swatchesHow Long Does It Stay ~ It stays pretty good for up to 4-5 hours and the good thing is, you can touch up your makeup with this foundation since you just have to swish it, blend it a lil and it goes almost like a powder, the POWER of weightless ‘word’! Yup, it’s that weightless and with such silky-velvety finish!

Have You Tried The Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation?

Not Yet? What Are You Waiting for Then? Go grab a tube for yourself if you match with any of the shades!

Buh-bye ❤ See you all around in my next post ?