how-to-check-if-your-foundation-has-goneRecently, I realized a few of my foundations has gone bad and were not good enough to be used anymore and how did I find it out comes all from my personal experience so thought I’d share it with you all so that you can check when to toss out your foundation even before the expiration date or if it doesn’t have an expiration date mentioned anywhere (which is very rare but could be – if you lost the slip or the fonts have been scratched for you to check what the foundation was all about)!

This goes for foundation, BB/CC Cream, concealer & for all base products!

How to Check If Your Foundation Has Gone Bad

The Smell..

How I could notice that my foundation has gone bad in just one single shot was the smell, eww it started smelling really very bad which it never smelled like earlier. The foundation changes its smell and starts smelling sort of foul and plastic-y type (if you know what I mean) when it’s the time to discard it! And I knew – man, something is wrong with this foundation!

The Shade Change..

So you just ignore the smell and think it’s coz of summers that it might be smelling bad, I can not just throw away my (beloved) foundation coz of this smell which I can pretty much ignore (if someone else passing by me doesn’t notice it ?) was my exact same thought when I hopped on to use that (good to be thrown away) foundation which has turned bad ignoring its smell but wait what, all of a sudden it makes me look dull and dark (which it never did ?). Point number 2 to make you realize that your foundation is ready to see the trash if it changes its color as soon as you apply it or oxidizes on you!

Formula has become wobbly..

The formula noticeably changes into watery consistency if it’s a liquid foundation, it becomes more liquidy and if it’s creamy – it becomes more tight and super thick and you know it’s no longer fit to be used now!

Those pesky bubbles..

My¬†MAC Pro Long Wear¬†concealer has those pesky spookey bubbles which got me thinking what could they be, realized later that it’s a sign that the formula has gone bad and it’s giving me signal that I no longer could use it *I literally had a 5 minute breakdown seeing I now would have to throw away my favorite concealer*

Few Foundations Gets Clumpsy and Dry..

Few of my foundations got dry and clumpsy and started forming clumps and I knew it was time for them to be shown the trash!

What I Did with My *Gone Bad* Foundations?

Of course, if they were not good enough for me to use, I couldn’t pass them to anyone else (in case if you were thinking that I’d have donated them)! I just discarded them but for the expensive foundations like the MAC face & body foundation which has also gone bad, I might end up using it on my hands when I want to look presentable (& dewy) for some special event cause thankfully, my hands won’t be prone to any allergic reaction or those pesky pimples (which I would have got on my face using this *gone bad foundation) as they are not prone to any allergies ? or think it was just a joke ?

Tip on how to store your foundation:

Store your foundation in the fridge, make a reserved space in your fridge to store all your liquid cosmetics to elongate their shelf life and use the foundation within a year of its packaging date so you don’t have to trash away (your beloved) *gone bad foundation!

Hope you liked reading this small lil info which many of us tend to ignore or aren’t aware of ?