Hi Girls!!

Today suddenly my attention got on my feet and I was in a complete shock, they were in a very bad condition then I thought my feet also need some care and love like my face needs. I thought of doing a pedicure and managed to take out time for it, I took out all the products that are needed to do a pedicure and I got so happy, I almost had every product for my pedicure except the foot soak but that was not a problem, shampoo did the thing.

Avon Foot worksSo today I’ll be guiding you through how to do a pedicure with Avon Foot Works range. I almost have every product from this range except the foot soak :-( which won’t cause much problem as I love to make my own natural foot soak and foot cream which is the main weapon in pedicure, never mind :heh: I have my Patanjali foot cream that will take care of this item as well.

Things Needed:

  • A bucket of warm water, honey, almond oil or olive oil, sea salt, half a lemon, some shampoo.
  • Avon Foot File (any foot file will do).
  • Avon Foot Works Sloughing Cream.
  • Avon Foot Works Rough Skin Remover (optional).
  • Avon Foot Works Paraffin Mask.
  • Avon Foot Works Cracked Heel Cream.
  • Avon Foot Works Moisturizing Cream (which I don’t have):cry:

Step 1:

Fill your bucket with warm water, fill it half the way till where your entire feet can soak. Pour in it any oil of your choice, one tsp honey, juice of half a lemon, some shampoo, sea salt and if you like to make it extra pampering, you may add any essential oil of your choice. I like to use lavender essential oil. Soak your feet in it for 15 minutes. This foot soak will make your feet softer, lighter and much easier to work with, like it prepares your feet for the next steps.

Avon Foot Works

Step 2:

Wash your feet with plain water and dry them completely with a towel. Now take out some Avon sloughing cream on your hands and massage on rough and dry areas of your feet. I like to rub it all over my feet, as all my feet are dry. I don’t rub it with hands but I like to use foot file for this as it takes the exfoliation process to a next level and makes the sloughing cream work better. This step melts away hard skin on your feet like magic, you’ll notice your feet to be more softer after this step.

Avon Foot Works

Avon Foot Works

Step 3:

Wash your feet and now apply rough skin remover on wet feet. This has to be applied all over the feet, including the ankle area. I apply it and massage my feet in circular motions, the small granules feel tickle but it does its work efficiently. All the dry areas are like gone and cracked areas filled. If you feel your feet are still dry or rough from some areas, use foot file on that area.

Avon Foot Works

Step 4:

Dry your feet completely and apply a layer of paraffin mask on them. Cover your feet with a hot towel for 3-5 minutes, you’ll feel the warmth and paraffin penetrating in. This step feels luxurious,:silly: this is my favorite part in this pedicure, this is a moisturizing mask and it makes feet extra soft.

Avon Foot Works

Step 5:

Now you are all done, use foot cream all over your feet and cracked heel cream on your heels. If you want extra benefits from this pedicure, wear cotton socks after applying foot cream, it makes sure your feet don’t get exposed to dirt and they get time to fill in cracked heels and to be more softer.

Avon Foot Works

My feet were like much softer, smoother and lighter after this pedicure. I feel that my feet are live now. You should also try it and see the difference this pedicure will make to your feet.

This was it for doing a pedicure with Avon Foot Works products, I’ll be reviewing all the products individually. And I’ll also do a post on how to do a pedicure with natural products (the ones you can easily find in your kitchen).

Do leave your comments and let me know whether you liked this step by step pedicure or not..