Latest Rangoli Designs 2017

The word ‘Rangoli’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Rangavalli’ and it is mainly done during various occasions like Diwali, Onam, etc. Rangoli is a very popular art for decorating our homes during various festivals where colorful designs are made on the floors of the house. Rangolis are made with colorful Rangoli powders, flowers and diyas during the auspicious occasion of Diwali. To find about the Latest Rangoli Designs for 2017 we have ensemble the wonderful Rangoli ideas to take inspirations from.

1. This is a very pretty and colorful Rangoli design that can be done very easily and beautiful by anyone. You can decorate the Rangoli with diyas as well.Latest Rangoli Designs 2017

2. This is a very colorful Rangoli design for beginners. It is a simple and colorful pattern that can be done quickly and easily!Easy Rangoli Designs 2017

3. Peacock Rangoli designs are extremely popular and done on occasions for Diwali. This is a very subtle yet colorful Rangoli with a peacock pattern and a diya.Peacock Rangoli Design

4. This is another peacock Rangoli design. However, this is slightly difficult than others but comes out beautifully. The diverse colours present in the Peacock feathers have been a source of inspiration for various Rangoli designs. You can also add flowers and diya to the art as well.Latest Rangoli Designs 2017

5. This is a simple Ganpati Rangoli design. Ganpati Rangoli designs are extremely popular for diwali and it has a divine auspicious meaning as well. It is one of the easiest Rangoli designs that can be made by anyone even if you are new to Rangoli. This design can be done with colored rice grains or even colourful loose powders.Ganesha Rangoli Design

6. This is another lovely Rangoli design for Diwali with the Lord Ganesh, surrounded by flurry of colors. The colors used are vibrant and a great choice for festivity.

Lord Ganesha Rangoli Design

7. Swastika Rangoli pattern is another popular design for Rangoli. This is one of the most intricate patterns of Rangoli and looks stunning on the eyes. Swastika Rangoli Design has been prevalent for festivals for a long time in India. It is one of the most popular Rangoli Designs!Latest Diwali Rangoli Designs

8. This is a modern Rangoli design where you can try something new in the form of art. The new mix and match style is always a welcome change from the usual floral and diya Rangoli.Latest Diwali Rangoli Designs9. Rangoli is not just done with loose colors but with flowers and leaves as well. Rangoli with flowers looks beautiful when decorated with colorful petals and if you add diya as well in the centre or corners for decorations.

Latest Rangoli Designs 2017

10. This is a beautiful geometric shaped Rangoli design for diwali. It has Lord Ganesha in the centre and it can be done very easily for any occasion as well.Unique Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Rangoli Designs for Diwali

11. This is another beautiful Rangoli with lots and lots of curvy pattern in it. The base of the design is sunning with bright and bold colors while the white patterns looks eye-catching.Latest Diwali Rangoli Designs

12. A circular patterned Rangoli design with beautiful white patterns. It is further decorated with diyas and flowers. It makes a perfect Diya Rangoli!Diya Rangoli Design

13. Our national Bird ‘Peacock’ is an inspiration for various Rangoli designs. This is another example where beautifully the colors like blue, green, etc. are used to decorate the Rangoli with lots of diyas for the bright effect. Latest Unique Rangoli Design

14. The circular Rangoli pattern is a very common one and it can be done in various ways. This particular design is done articulately and with vibrant beautiful patterns and colors. This has a color pattern of purple, pink, green, yellow, blue and white. It cab also be done in red, white, purple, orange, yellow color pattern.Latest Unique Rangoli Design

15. If you are running short on time during this Diwali, this is one design that you can do in a jiffy. This is simply done with flowers, flower petals and decorated with diyas. This is super easy and time consuming!Easy Rangoli Design

16. This is a beautiful flower Rangoli. The use of the vibrant and contrasting shades of flower petals is just amazing. The green used in the centre and on the borders of the design also adds beauty to the design.Flower Rangoli Design

17. The corner Rangoli designs are equally popular and you can easily do these designs on every corner to add a glorious touch in this Diwali. Corner Rangoli Designs for Diwali

18. Diya Rangoli designs are extremely beautiful. This one is a very simple one for the occasion. Diya Rangoli Designs for Diwali19. A beautiful design incorporated into a Rangoli with various geometric patterns in it. The shape is mainly an octagon with neatly chosen colors. Colorful Rangoli for Diwali

20. This is a simple floral patterned Rangoli with vibrant colors. This colorful Rangoli would definitely light up your mood if you make this Rangoli in your home this Diwali!Colorful Rangoli for Diwali

Thus, these are the Latest Rangoli Designs 2017 for the upcoming festive occasion with which you can easily decorate your homes and light up your home!