Wondering why the title is Liquid Foundations Review and why the hell I’m reviewing them all at one place? The answer is pretty simple ~ I’m too lazy to review them all individually and hence, I thought, I’d share my views on all these foundations which have been lying in my stash since ages in one single post! New foundations will most probably have separate reviews with the entire range if that includes a compact, concealer or anything else in the range!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (Price ~ Rs. 1480)

I bought this foundation as it was raved to be one of the best foundations for dry skin but nonetheless after using it for almost a year (yeah, have been using it that long, not everyday or very often tho) I realized, it’s not for dry skin (at least not for the type of skin I have) and works best for combination skin. It goes on smooth and sets to a dry kinda matte finish which is so not my type (I don’t really like the finish it has)! Or perhaps I feel the shade is a mismatch for me – shades #Dark Biege 55 has greyish ashy undertones that sets to my face with a finish as tho the foundation has oxidized by the end of the day and I certainly, don’t want to go out with that look on my face. Tho I’d still recommend it if you match with a shade perfect for your skin tone but the sad reality is Bourjois is no longer available in India and has moved out of India (I don’t know what made Bourjois take this decision as there are very good products in the brand, some of the HG products of most girls are from Bourjois like their Healthy Mix Serum Foundation which I had plan to try next but before I could think of it – *boom* they just moved out of the country *feel like crying*)!

Staying Power ~ The foundation lasts for good 6-7 hours but as I said I don’t wear it out so I have been testing it when I’m at home so can’t really say how well does this last in this horrible (scrotching summer heat) Indian weather!

Coverage ~ Medium, never tried layering it to make it full as the grey ashy undertones which this particular shade has become quite noticeable if I layer it.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (Price ~ Rs. 645)

The Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (again a much raved foundation) is not my personal favorite tho (hold on for a second before you decide to ditch it after hearing that it’s not my favorite) it has a good finish, texture but still not as per my liking (we’ll be more clear why by the end), I don’t know if the shades in these foundations for me are a bummer or the foundations itself. Hmph!

Texture ~ Soft & smooth, blends well tho can be lil hard to blend on mature skin or skin with harsh dry patches.

Finish ~ Demi matte! I don’t like the finish, it kinda accentuates the dry patches on my face and sets in them which makes my face look a lil weird.

Coverage ~ Light-Medium!

Staying Power ~ Hardly stays or let me say it starts oxidizing on my skin in just one hour and almost disappears after then, which is not acceptable for the price we pay for it. I’m better off with a BB cream than this foundation. And this is why I don’t like this foundation. A bummer for me!

Shade ~ True Ivory is a close match to my skin but the way it oxidizes like air on my skin is why I don’t like the shade nor the foundation!

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Foundation (Price ~ Rs. 1267)

I don’t know why I have used this foundation only 4-5 times, don’t know why I don’t like to use it much. It’s almost near to perfect but still not my favorite and I can’t make it out why! (Does it even make sense to you?)! I’m in the shade #Natural Ochre 090 and it’s almost the shade of my skin so the shade goes pretty well on my skin *thanks for that*!

Texture ~ Smooth, airy whipped, almost comes out like liquidy serum with airy bubbles formed at the top when pumped out of the bottle. And blends like a dream even with fingers!

Coverage ~ Medium coverage, almost covers all my imperfections in one go. If you’d build it up, the coverage would be more than medium but still not full and for those with acne scars and severe dark circles will need to use a concealer to get that flawless look.

Staying Power ~ Lasts for about 6-7 hours!

Finish ~ Demi matte! On looking, the skin feels matte but on touching the skin feels dewy and soft. I hope I’m making sense here (and no, it’s not the definition of demi matte, it’s just the way how this foundation feels)

Now why I don’t reach out for it often is cause it smells bad like really artificial sort of smell and it feels a lil sticky on my face tho no sign of oilyness or greasyness but I don’t like how it feels sticky and doesn’t disappear in the skin like if it’s its bloody business to bother me with the fact that I have used a foundation and I should not act normal in the public like I have nothing on :P

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation (Price ~ Around Rs. 350-450)

A good daily wear foundation with sheer coverage, stays matte as the name says and is good for almost all skin types as it goes smooth and is easy to blend and sets to a semi matte finish. I don’t know why it’s the same with all Rimmel foundations but they tend to feel a lil sticky on my face and doesn’t feel light weight. It keeps giving me a signal that I have something on my face I have to be bothered about. Needless to say, it’s not my favorite and I don’t wear it much, also the shade #Bronze is a lil dark for me which is what happens when you ask your hubby to get a foundation for you mentioning the shade name you thought would match your skin by seeing online swtaches but in reality, they appear to be darker or light for you. Period!

MAC Face and Body Foundation (Price ~ Around Rs. 2300)

Here comes the favorite foundation of every dry skinned girl (of course, only for those who have tried it and fell in love with it)!  This much raved foundation from MAC’s permanent line is something you should atleast try once in your life (only if you have dry skin and you don’t mind the not so full coverage). It’s so light weight, so breathable, so comfortable that it almost feels like nothing has been applied yet still gives that smooth, soft skin and flawless finish!

Texture ~ Watery smooth, almost comes out like a liquid flowing. That’s absolutely where its light weight feature adheres to! Light weight texture = light weight finish!

Finish ~ As said it’s dry skin’s favorite, what do you think the finish would be? Patchy and dry? Of course, not!
Smooth and dewy would it be, duh!

Coverage ~ It’s got a sheer coverage, good for them with perfect flawless skin and not a cuppa-tea for those who like heavy coverage. Still it’s got this special thing about it, it can be built up on layering and you can literally layer it, layer it & layer it and it’ll still not get cakey or patchy, that’s the reason why it’s everyone’s favorite and one of the top recommendations for dry skin by most makeup experts! If you hate the streaky patchy finish your foundation gives when you layer it up, then this could be your best bet!

The shade I have is C3 and it’s not the perfect match for my skin (like a match made in heaven) but I make it work somehow tho I don’t use this foundation much (coz I just hop only to my favorite foundation again & again which is next in the list). Perhaps, the shade number is confusing, would have been NC numbered, I’d have picked a shade that matches my skin tone as I know the shade I’m in NC which is NC30-35 by the way (if you are interested in knowing)!

Staying Power ~ Holly molly, it lasts forever when I’m out, around 9-10 hours *shocking* but *superb*!

Loreal True Match Foundation (Price ~ Rs. 1025)

Sit back and relax ladies while I go on a praising mode with this foundation, the only and the none other than MY FAVORITE DRUGSTORE FOUNDATION ~ Loreal True Match Foundation! There’s not one single thing I dislike about this foundation like really none I could have find in all these months while I’ve been using it. It’s simply awesome – the texture, the finish, the coverage, the time it lasts, I LOVE everything about it.

Texture ~ Soft, smooth and almost dreamy.

Finish ~ The kind of finish I expect from my foundations, not completely dewy and not completely matte, it’s demi matte but still not like how other demi matte finish foundations feels, it’s far beyond them!

Coverage ~ Medium to buildable! For special events, I usually top it off with a concealer to cover up any slight imperfections peeping from underneath.

Staying Power ~ Stays pretty good for 8-9 hours and doesn’t oxidize at all.

This is the only foundation I go back to again & again and can swear by for any special event amongst all my drugstore and high-end foundations, the shade perhaps is a winner for me, it just brightens up my complexion and makes it look flawless.

Liquid FoundationWriting down the shade names for easy understanding:

Bourjois Healthy Mix in shade Dark Beige 55

Rimmel Match Perfection in shade #True Ivory 103

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse in shade #Natural Ochre 090

Rimmel Stay Matte in shade #Bronze

MAC Face & Body in shade #C3

L’Oreal True Match in shade #C2

Update: Have added the swatches for you all to compare the shades :)

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