Parabens are chemical preservatives used in personal care products to elongate their shelf life and to prevent bacteria & fungus from growing in our products but why are they bad and why you must avoid them – the answer is – parabens can possess a serious health risk and has been linked to cancer tho the researches have not fully proved it but why take the risk when we now have lots of good paraben free options in the market! More and more people are getting aware about the term ‘paraben’ and are choosing paraben free products over regular products and here we are listing down some Paraben Free Brands that are easily availble in India which have taken this great intiative to not use this ingredient and be as natural as possible!

Just Herbs: Just Herbs seeks to change the belief that “natural products do not work as well as chemically formulated products”. Their products are free of SLS, SLES, synthetic additives and are completely paraben free so get it on your to-buy list if you are going ‘paraben free‘ as it’s got everything you would ever need in your skin care regime. Two of their bestselling products are Neempure Arjun-Nutmeg skin purifying neem pack, priced at Rs.395 for 60gm and Just Herbs I’Brite almond and green tea nourishing under cream priced at Rs.695 for 50gm.just-herbs-paraben-free-brandPlum Goodness: The newest natural skin care brand in the market has gained the popularity by its amazing products that delivers what they claim to! Their products are free of parabens, phthalates, SLS and other harmful chemicals. They believe that skin care should be fun and skin should be maintained at its natural best. Best selling products include: Angel eyes kohl, Chocó latte creamy body wash priced at Rs.425/- and Rs.380 respectively.

Paraben Free Brands

Juicy Chemistry: Juicy Chemistry believes that knowing every ingredient in your product is every customer’s right in order to make informed choices as to what goes on your skin. They proudly list down every single ingredient on the product and does not mention only the ‘key ingredients’ unlike many brands claiming to be natural in the shelter of listing down only the natural key ingredients. None of their products contain preservatives, additives, synthetic oils or perfumes and all their products are 100% vegan, freshly made with hands and are ‘au naturel’! Juicy Chemistry Stop the Spot (Acne control serum) priced at Rs.350/- for 8ml is one of their best-selling products.List of Paraben Free Brands in India

Forest Essentials: Mira Kulkarni started this brand in 2000, but its first customer was not until 2002. Today, Forest essentials is one of the most luxurious brands in the world. Its products are 100% free of parabens and other harmful chemicals. Some of the products worth trying are Madurai Jasmine and Mogra body lotion, Forest essentials intensive eye cream with anise and their Facial Mists!Best Paraben Free Brands India

Kama Ayurveda: It was started in 2002. Their treatments are 100% natural and all of their products are internationally certified. The ingredients they use are plant-based and free from artificial colours and fragrance, petrochemicals, parabens. Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Miraculous beauty ayurvedic night serum, priced at Rs.1890/- is one of their best sellers.Best Paraben Free Brands India

Rustic Art: Rustic Art share their love for the environment through their products – they encourage use of the products which are closer to the nature and are pure. Their products are environment friendly and nature sensitive. Rustic Art products are handmade, organic and 100% vegan. The best-selling products include Rustic Art Aloe Vera gel with lemon extract (Rs.200/- for 100gm) and Organic therapy gel (Rs.320/- for 100gm).List of Paraben Free Brands in IndiaBiobloom: They believe “Skin is where beauty begins.” Their products are natural and organic, and along with their products, they provide beauty tips and homemade recipes suitable for all ages and skin types. Hair straightening solution (Rs.1159/-) and Bath salt (Rs.699/- for 150ml) are among their best sellers.
Paraben Free Brands India
OMVED: Their products are 100% natural, hand-crafted, biodegradable, and made in India. OMVED celebrates every person’s individual beauty and they wish everyone to discover the benefits of living a traditionally healthy and conscious lifestyle. Among their bestsellers are Exfoliating Pumice foot scrub (Rs.590/- for 100 gms), Clear skin herbal face mask (Rs.220/- for 25 gm).Paraben Free Brands India

Biotique: Their mission is to satisfy the diverse beauty needs of the customers while being environmentally responsible. Their products are dermatologically tested, and do not contain any chemicals or preservatives. Honey gel refreshing foaming cleanser (Rs.149/- for 120 ml) and Papaya smoothing and revitalising scrub (Rs.199/- for 75 gms) are their best sellers. Paraben Free Brands India Dear Earth: As the name suggests, this organic brand is dedicated to the ‘Earth‘. Their creations are soulful and they work with depth and simplicity. The products are made with 70% organic ingredients and the rest being natural plant derivates. It is a vegan brand and is against animal testing. The brand is ‘au naturel’ and made with no single chemical. Tea tree purifying organic and vegan face wash (Rs.500/- for 150 ml) and Moonrise stress relief organic and vegan body wash (Rs.650//- for 300 ml) are a must try!Paraben Free Brands India Kronokare: The products from this brand are affordable, SLS and paraben free, and their creations do not harm the environment in anyway. Kronokare All is well shower gel (Rs.325/- for 220 ml) and Fabulous Fix Body lotion (Rs.175/- for 55ml) are among their top products.

Paraben Free Brands India

Soul Tree: Soul tree was started in 2002. They promise to bring products with nature’s goodness, and they guarantee that their creations are built on respect for nature and for people. Soul Tree Kajal, which comes in many colours (Rs.350), Soul Tree Licorice Shikakai Bhringraj Hair repair shampoo (Rs.450/- for 200ml), Methika and Bhringraj Hair oil (Rs.350/- for 120 ml) are their best-selling products.Paraben Free Brands India Auravedic: Auravedic sources and uses only the best local natural ingredients. They respect all life and are committed to minimize their impact on the environment. Today, Auravedic is gaining popularity for using highest concentration of natural ingredients, and their products are 100% chemical, paraben, artificial colours and fragrance free. Their packaging is extremely attractive as well. The bestsellers include Auravedic Skin lightening oil with saffron, turmeric and winter cherry (Rs.250/- for 100 ml), age repair firming oil (Rs.280/- for 100 ml). 

Auravedic - Paraben Free Brand

Iraya: No silicones, phthalates, Nano, petro chemicals, parabens, synthetic colours, animal testing, mineral oils and paraffin. They use naturally derived colours and fragrance, natural preservatives and surfactants, natural emulsifiers and emollients (naturally derived from plant sources) and use the purest natural ingredients. Must have products include Iraya Kantivandhak Lepa (Protein Pack) (Rs.445 for 50 gm), Iraya Reviving face tonic with pomegranate and mist (Rs.395/- for 150 ml), Iraya Himalayan Berry face wash (Rs.345/- for 150 ml) and Iraya Wheat germ and orange face massage cream (Rs.495/- for 50 gm). Iraya - Paraben Free BrandOilcraft Naturals: The criterion for their product line is genuine, authentic, unadulterated, pure, holistic and therapeutic essential oils all rolled into one. All of their recipes are free from adulteration, chemicals, parabens and artificial preservatives. Must haves include Oilcraft Naturals Kumkumadi anti pigmentation serum (Rs.1200/- for 10ml), Oilcraft Naturals under eye serum (Rs.1000/- for 15 ml). oilcraft-naturals-kumkumadi-anti-pigmentation-serum

Fab India: The ethnics sold by this brand are undoubtedly amazing, and the personal care products are no less either. The products 100% pure, natural, free from artificial colours, parabens, synthetic preservatives. Bestsellers include Fab India Aloe Vera under eye gel (Rs.240/- for 25 gm), Citrus lemon body wash (Rs.350/- for 250 ml) and Charcoal Face Pack (Rs.350 for 100ml).

Vedic Line: Vedic Line uses the most advance and active natural ingredients and modern scientific research for the best yet safest results. Bestsellers include Vedic Line after waxing soothing gel (Rs.350/- for 500 ml) and Vedic Line Alpha cleansing scrub (Rs.175/- for 65 ml). 
Vedic Line after waxing soothing gel
Aroma Magic: Started by Dr.Blossom Kochhar, it is one of the leading ‘paraben free’ brands in India. All of their products are aromatherapy based; everything they derive from nature is used in its purest form. Must haves from this brand includes grapefruit facewash (Rs.145/- for 100 ml), Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo charcoal face mask (Rs.380/- for 100 gm), Aroma Magic Coffe Bean Scrub, Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash, Aroma Magic Cucumber Sunscreen and Camphor Ice foot cream (Rs.175/- for 60 gm) and under eye gel (Rs.135/- for 20 gm). Paraben Free Brand Aroma Magic

Nyah: They have a wide range of handmade beauty products which are holistic, natural and chemical free. Top selling products from this brand are Lavender & Ylang Ylang bath gel (Rs.245/- for 190 ml), Orange lemongrass hair conditioner (Rs.245/- for 190 ml), Acne Repair Herbal Gel (Rs.195/- for 40 gm).
Nyassa: The brand’s philosophy is quite interesting – ‘From Heaven and Earth‘ meaning that they use the best of ingredients which are naturally present in earth to make the most soothing and pleasant heavenly fragrance that can uplift the mind & soul of a person. They make some of the best fragranced products (not to mention naturally fragranced) with the best available natural ingredients. Nyassa’s products are SLS, SLES and paraben free and are 100% vegetarian. They have a wide range of products to choose from for both men and women! Best sellers are Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash (Rs.400/- for 145 ml), Nyassa Cool Cucumber Hand Cream (Rs.350/- for 145ml) and Nyassa Tea Tree essential oil (Rs.300/- for 10ml).Nyassa Tea Tree Face washVaadi Herbals: The ingredients they use are earth and plant-based, paraben free, chemical free, not tested on animals, and the herbs they use come directly from the organic farms of India, USA, and New Zealand. Best sellers include Vaadi Herbals Lychee lip balm smoothing concentrate (Rs.30/- for 6 gm and Rs.40/- for 10 gm), Bamboo Age defying Moisturizer with grape seed (Rs.64/- for 110 ml), Foot scrub with fenugreek and lemon grass (Rs.45/- for 30 gms and Rs.95/- for 110 gms) and Vaadi Herbals Alluring neem and tulsi soap (Rs.42/- for 75 gm). 

Hope you enjoyed reading this list and have a bunch of handful options if you are planning to go natural and paraben free!