Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm – Watermelon Smooth and Lychee Addict Review

It’s been ages since I posted a review on the blog and I hope you all didn’t assume that we won’t be covering reviews on the blog anymore? We’d be covering the reviews, that’s for sure, and it would still remain the first genre of our blog! With a long gap on reviews, I’m here with a review on Maybelline Baby lips lip balm in the flavour – Watermelon Smooth and Lychee Addict which were launched last to last year I guess (and the irony is I got these as soon as they were launched but couldn’t review them for some reason). Lip Balm is one such essential for me which I can’t live without be it summers or winters. It’s a must have for me and I love hoarding different flavoured Lip Balms from Maybelline!


Rs 135 for 4gm

Product Features:

  • Infused with SPF 20
  • Provides 12 hour moisturisation
  • Care and repair
  • Mild fruity fragrance
  • Visibly renewed and fuller lips
  • The hydration restoring formula will protect and moisturize your lips. Over regular use, Maybelline Baby Lips would renew your lips

Maybelline Baby Lips Watermelon Smooth & Lychee Addict Lip Balm come in a funky color coded packaging – Watermelon Smooth in a fuchsia pink-mint green retractable stick and Lychee Addict in a aqua blue-coral pink retractable stick! The tubes are very convenient to carry and apply like all other Maybelline baby lips!

These lip balms are enriched with 2 times more hydration centella essence which provides double the nourishment than the regular baby lips and are no doubt better than the regular baby lips in terms of hydration and nourishment!

The effect of soft lips lasts for quite a good time say for around 2-3 hours which I must say is really good provided how dry the lips can be in winters and it does help in treating dry, chapped lips if I may say so from my experience. These lip balms can be perfect option for someone suffering from chapped lips, they have really helped me in keeping my lips soft throughout the day in winters. I usually apply it thrice a day which is not much if you look at some girls re-applying their lip balm almost every hour. These lip balms can be used pretty much by everyone (including men) coz of its tint less and not over powering formula! The good thing about these is that they do not feel sticky or heavy on lips which I personally expect from my lip balm – to be non sticky and not heavy! I don’t like heavy coated, sticky lip balm that applies like a grease wax!

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Watermelon Smooth: This flavour smells almost like watermelon-good enough to eat, the fragrance is fruity and fresh, it lingers for only a few minutes for us to a lil more mins for someone around us! The lip balm has a soft, smooth buttery texture and glides almost like butter on the lips without feeling sticky or heavy!

Lychee Addict: This flavour smells like Lychee and is so refreshing, I could keep sniffing the lip balm just to smell it, it’s that good! It, however, lingers for a few minutes and has the same smooth-buttery texture as that of Watermelon Smooth flavour.

SPF: Both of these come with an SPF 20 just like other baby lips which is a plus point (Antioxidant Berry)!

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Good Thing About These:

Hydrating, moisturizing, not sticky or heavy, no glossy-shiny look, SPF 20, buttery-smooth texture, yummilicious flavours and fragrance, heals dry, chapped lips and keep lips soft for around 2-3 hours. Now that’s why I call these perfect option for winters!

Any Downside:

I’d say, none at all! These are marvellous for the price they come at and I would prefer these edition over regular baby lips anytime!

BML Rating: 5/5