My hero is pampering me before karvachauth by all means and he took me to a lil shopping spree where I bought stuffs from MAC, Sephora and some drugstore brands. Here is what I picked from MAC..Mini MAC HaulMAC Prep + Prime BB Compact: You know how obsessed I am with BB creams. I needed  MAC BB cream in my life and when I asked for BB cream, the SA asked me what is my skin type and she just handed me this compact BB creme. I was looking into something else so I didn’t notice it that time and not even when my hubby was making the payment, thinking of changing it to the tube packaging BB cream, let’s see if I can exchange it in 15 days since MAC has a policy of exchanging stuffs within 14 days. Price: Rs. 2100

Mini MAC HaulMAC Pro Longwear Concealer: This concealer has always been on my wishlist, I needed it in my life. I’m so happy to try it since I got bored with my MAC studio finish concealer. Price: Rs. 1500Mini MAC HaulMAC Russian Red Matte Lipstick: I love matte lipsticks and whenever I get a chance to pick any shade, it would be only matte. I had two MAC lipsticks on my wishlist till now and I picked both of them. You know how much I love red lipsticks, I can’t get enough of them and Russian Red has always been in my dreams ;) Price: Rs. 1450

Mini MAC Haul (2)Mini MAC Haul (2)MAC Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick: I’m a fan of bold dark shades and other than red, I love dark pink, orange shades a lot. I became a fan of this lipstick when I saw a pic of Kim Kadarshian wearing this lipstick and I knew I had to pick it whenever I get a chance to pick MAC Products. But these MAC prices are getting so insane, the lipstick which was priced at Rs. 990 is now for Rs. 1450 :shock: It’s like wtf. Wish I could pick all these lippies few months ago and make a good collection of MAC lippies. Price: Rs. 1450Mini MAC HaulMini MAC HaulNow Sephora haul coming soon on the blog :-D I’m feeling so pampered by these hauls, these hauls will make my karvachauth extra special :inlove: