Nature Sure Ganoderma Capsules for Men and Women – 1 Pack (60 Capsules)Nature Sure Ganoderma Capsules

What is Ganoderma?
Ganoderma is called wonder mushroom as it contains more than 400 trace ingredients to maximize the body’s own healing capacities.
It has a documented account of over 200 years and is the most revered herb in conventional Chinese remedy.

Ganoderma Mushroom Nutritional Value
Ganoderma holds an enormous 400 nutrients! The nutrients present in this marvellous herb improve vitality and endurance.

Nature Sure Ganoderma Capsules –
• Made with 100 percent pure, top-grade variety of Ganoderma lucidum, also known as reishi mushroom or lingzhi, and often called the mushroom of immortality
• It is medically proven to help stimulate the body’s resistance system, helps increase energy levels and lessen fatigue for peak performance
• Enables you to take on greater exertion and for a longer duration of time
• Effective for sportspersons in dealing with altitude sickness

Rs- 1480/- for 60 capsules

Shelf Life –
3 years

Availability –
All leading websites

Packing –
The capsules come in a dark green bottle, which is secured well with a cap. There is cotton inside the bottle, which basically protects the capsules so that it does not slide out.
The light does not enter the bottle, keeping the capsules secured.
The bottle is light-weight and is travel-friendly.

My Review and Experience with Nature Sure Ganoderma Capsules –

Being a work from home mother, I remain occupied all day. In between of juggling work, home chores, children and workout – sometimes I feel – out of energy. By evening, I would be absolutely tired, so much so that my legs would start hurting or I would end up having a cervical/migraine attack.
I have been using these capsules for more than a month now.
And I take these 2 times daily after food.

The major difference that I have noticed is in my energy levels. I do not feel fatigued like I was feeling earlier. I feel more energetic and can get more work done, in less period of time.

I have lesser episodes of cervical / migraine attack and I spend more time playing with my children

I remain happier and less irate and thus the environment of my home has also improved.

Review by Princy