Hello Girls!!

Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear is a much talked about product. I have heard great raves about this product and I am using it since a long time. Let’s see what’s my take on this mask..

Nature's Essence

Price: Rs. 85 for 50 g

Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Claims:

Milk proteins and honey enriched special tan cream helps remove the epidermal sun tan, thereby restoring the natural fairness of the skin & also preventing pigmentation due to harmful sun. Its matte effect is ideal for hot climates and the cream also helps enhance after facial glow.

How To Use:

Apply layer on the face/skin and keep it on for 10-15 minutes & after soft massage remove with water.

Key Ingredients:

Milk, Honey and Geranium Oil.

Suitable for all skin types. For external use only.

My Experience with Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear:

Earlier this mask used to come in a jar packaging and was considered unhygienic by many but now they have changed the packaging and it comes in a tube with a flip open cap.

Nature's Essence

Nature's Essence The fragrance of this mask may not bother anyone, it is somewhat flowery but is not that pleasant and not even that bad. I think there’s a slight difference in the texture of this product from the previous one as this one glides on really easily and feels like a cream whereas the previous one was a bit hard to apply and spread. It dries in maximum 15 minutes but I like to keep it a little longer to get maximum benefits. I have been using this mask since a long time and overall I’m really happy with its results. After I come back from holidays and I feel I’m a little tanned, I get consistent with this mask and apply it daily to remove my tan and I must say it does remove my tan by 90%. My skin gets back on its natural skin tone. This is an effective product when it comes to tan removal. It is easy to apply and remove and does not require harsh scrubbing to remove it, it lends a brightening effect to skin. My skin feels much brighter and lighter after washing off the mask. It does dry my skin a little but nothing much that a moisturizer can’t take care of so all in all it’s a great product for all skin types.




Pros of Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Easily available.
  • Travel friendly and hygienic packaging compared to the previous one which comes in a tub jar.
  • Removes tan effectively.
  • Gives an instant glow to skin.
  • Easy on application and removal.
  • Fades dark spots on regular usage.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

Cons of Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear:

  • Full ingredient list missing.
  • Dries out the skin a bit but nothing much that a regular moisturizer can’t take care of.

Rating: 4.7/5

Will I Repurchase it:

I always keep repurchasing it, I have used 5-6 jars of this mask.