I bought a few of my favorite products which I had wishlisted for months from Nestasia and here’s my take on them.

If you know me, you’d know I’m a fan of everything aesthetic and beautiful, collecting decor items and crockery is my second favourite passion besides beauty and fashion. I keep browsing Nestasia at odd hours and always wonder how do they come up with such aesthetic stuff which is generally hard to find online.

The first thing on my list was this aesthetic mirror – I mean look at how pretty this is and if it does not scream soft girl aesthetic, looks like I’ve picked it out of a Pinterest board! The quality is top notch, swirls and floral pattern on the frame add to its beauty, they are so well placed that it does not look like it’s handmade, if you want to accentuate a corner of your house or your vanity, get this mirror and see what charm it adds to that place🪞

The second thing that I had been eyeing for over a year (maybe when I first saw Nestasia coming online) is this super gorgeous mirror tray. This mirror tray is totally my style, I like serveware that screams aesthetic and that can be used to hold my precious makeup and perfumes collection, I’m using it as a perfume organizer because look at how pretty it looks on my vanity holding perfumes adding beauty to my place.

This is how it’s adding an extra oomph to my already extra vanity 🤌🏻

And lastly is this white platter which is both for serving macaroons and croissant and for keeping my most reached products on my vanity. This goes in the centre and holds all my skincare which I use on a daily basis, that way my skincare looks organized and my vanity stays mess free.

This is how it looks on my golden vanity 🤌🏻

To see how I keep styling these items, check out my Instagram, I keep adding ways to style and aesthetic pictures on my stories – Instagram

A little review about Nestasia – Nestasia is an online shopping website with its outlet in Delhi where you can browse from thousands of its collection. It has pretty dinnerware, serveware, decor items, bags, etc. The quality is excellent, all the pieces are beautifully crafted and the pricing is inexpensive for items that you will rarely find in India. Overall, I love its collection and would be buying a few more of my wishlisted items from Nestasia.