nyx-in-indiaNYX Coming soon to India – Yes, you just read it right *drum rolls* 😍

After all the beauty brands which have made their way to India, NYX is also finally making its way to India (finally). Now you’d be like – Sephora already stocks NYX, what’s new in it, I know that but we don’t have Sephora across all cities in India, so what would other residents do, just sit back and adore the brand? Hell, no! We can’t keep adoring a brand and keep wishing that we had it in our lives just like other easily available brands (we often take for granted)!

Well, not anymore, I just got the news from the khufiya agent as they haven’t announced the news yet and are keeping it a secret until it makes its way to India (for what reasons, I don’t know that!)

They’d be coming to India in July (which has been confirmed) most probably online on Nykaa and offline as well, not sure if they’d be available across all leading cosmetics stores but if they do, what can be better than that. It would be like MAC & Cheese and Game of Thrones (GOT) combo!

My personal take on it is that it should be available everywhere (apart from Delhi ‘fake’ street market and it ain’t a joke) like Maybelline and L’Orèal as after all #L’Orèal is bringing it and it should make sure, we get the most of it.

Finally, my dream of trying all their lip creams is possibly coming alive and I can try all their products without having to worry about going to Sephora which is quite far from my place or searching for sellers on Insta and Facebook and looking if they are really selling genuine products or fake products.

What would be the PRICE?

I have no idea about the price but I’m damn sure, it won’t be much compared to their original price, would it have been, I’m sure L’oreal wouldn’t have thought of taking this step as we already get NYX at Sephora at a higher price.

If it would be, I think it would just be a $ difference which won’t make any of us bankrupt 😁

And now all I’m dreaming is of NYX lip creams, contour palette, blushes, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, it’s like a dream come true 😍

What would you be trying first from the brand?