Oriflame All Over Makeup Remover Review
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Many of you asked me to do the Oriflame makeup remover review when I did mini reviews on makeup removers I own, so with that request I’m here to review the Oriflame All Over Makeup Remover today.Oriflame-All-Over-Makeup-Remover1Price: Rs. 349 for 100 ml

Ingredients:Oriflame All Over Makeup Remover Ingredients

My Take on Oriflame All Over Makeup Remover:

Oriflame All Over Makeup Remover can remove all over makeup that means it isn’t meant specifically for just eyes and lips, now that’s one thing I like in makeup removers since I’m too lazy to use two different makeup removers one for the full face and one for just my eyes. I have 3-4 makeup removers that says to be used for removing only eye and lip makeup and that’s a turn off for me even though they are ophthalmologist tested or doesn’t burn the eyes, I really don’t care! I want them to remove my all over makeup and this is one thing I like about Oriflame makeup remover. This makeup remover is a clear liquid which sits in the form of bubbles at the top. I always shake the bottle before using it to make sure all the ingredients are well dissolved.Oriflame All Over Makeup RemoverI use the remover by taking it out on cotton ball and then swipe it across my face. It does clean the makeup well but you may need 3-4 swipes to get rid of all face makeup. For eyes too, you need hard swipes to get off all makeup and note one thing- it doesn’t remove mascara so forget about waterproof makeup. I rub the remover several times and still I can see the mascara on my eyes which then I have to clean with something else. For lipsticks also, you may need max 3 swipes.

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Oriflame All Over Makeup Remover ReviewIt doesn’t leave skin greasy or oily, it leaves it lightly moisturized! This remover doesn’t have mineral oil so it may be a plus point for many of you who don’t like mineral oil in their products. It has never broken me out or clogged my pores, it’s good from the skin care perspective but it doesn’t remove makeup really well. Like it does remove the makeup, but not in a zip zap, you may have to rub your face several times. Though I find it doing its job pretty decently. It leaves my skin clean and makeup free at the end when I’m done with my makeup removing task. Now the most important thing you all are skeptical to know- does it burn/stings the eyes? Well, yeah it does burn the eyes a bit and makes them blurry :-X so lens wearers- this is probably not for you! You go search for something else for your sensitive eyes. But for me, it’s tolerable enough unless I don’t pour the remover in my eyes like eye drops :rotfl:Oriflame All Over Makeup RemoverBML Rating: 3/5

Pick it or Ditch it:

Pick it if you are looking for a makeup remover without mineral oil, it does the task of makeup removing quite decently but then you have to swipe it several times to get rid off all makeup and it doesn’t remove waterproof makeup and even mascara. Ditch it if you wear lens as it stings the eyes a bit and if you are looking for water-proof makeup remover, this doesn’t remove water-proof makeup.