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Today I’m reviewing the Oriflame Photostable Sun Lotion SPF 10. Move on to read if you want to know more about this sun lotion..Oriflame Photostable Sun Lotion SPF 10 ReviewProduct Description:

Moisturizing water resistant sun lotion with Sunflower oil and Vitamin E. Sun Protection Factor 10. Photostable formulation provides stable UVA & UVB protection. Apply liberally and reapply frequently. Contains Oxybenzone.

Price: Rs. 279 for 50 ml

Ingredients:Oriflame Photostable Sun Lotion SPF 10 Ingredients

My Experience with Oriflame Photostable Sun Lotion SPF 10:

I have sunscreen and sunblock ranging from SPF 10 to SPF 70, still need to get my hands on SPF 90 and 100, I think I’d pick Lotus SPF 90 and 100 sunblock this time. This sunscreen has a SPF of 10 with no protection against UVA rays means no PA++. I don’t like this sunscreen much and for me, SPF 10 is of no use, it’s like using a simple cream and not any sunscreen. But if I’m using such low SPF sunscreens like I used this, I make sure I reapply it frequently every one hour or else I better not use it. This sunscreen claims to be photostable which means it claims to be a chemical sunscreen- sunscreen that works by absorbing the sun’s rays unlike physical sunscreen which works by blocking the sun’s rays. Physical sunscreens mostly have zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in them as the main ingredients and chemical sunscreens have helioplex, mexoryl SX and XL, avobenzone, oxybenzone in them as the active ingredients. In my opinion, chemical sunscreen works better as they offer more protection against UVA and UVB rays than physical sunscreens but the only problem with them is that chemical sunscreens can sting the eyes badly if it gets into the eyes and some can even cause allergic reaction.Oriflame Photostable Sun Lotion SPF 10 ReviewThis sunscreen, as it claims to be photostable and that it contains oxybenzone, now why I’m talking about such little things when it doesn’t matter much, that’s because I couldn’t notice oxybenzone anywhere in the ingredient list and can’t believe on its photostable properties as well. This sunscreen doesn’t have zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and nor does it have any chemical sunscreen ingredients, blahhhh :-? What does this mean? Is it really a sunscreen or not!! I suspect it’s not. But yeah from the feel of application, I feel like it’s a typical old school sunscreen which used to get so greasy and feel dull on application.

This sunscreen spreads and absorbs easily without leaving any white patches but it does get greasy! It used to burn a lil initially and I used to get that feeling of sunscreens I used to use in my school days. I don’t like this sunscreen because of the low SPF factor and that it doesn’t have any of the ingredients of a sunscreen. It makes my skin dull as soon as I apply it and I just don’t like that feeling :/Oriflame Photostable Sun Lotion SPF 10 ReviewOriflame Photostable Sun Lotion SPF 10Oriflame Photostable Sun Lotion SPF 10 Swatch

Pros of Oriflame Photostable Sun Lotion SPF 10:

  • Cute tiny travel friendly tube packaging.
  • Doesn’t leave white cast.
  • Smells nice!
  • Absorbs easily.
  • Moisturizes well, so good for extra dry skin.

Cons of Oriflame Photostable Sun Lotion SPF 10:

  • Makes my skin look dull *not acceptable* :heh:
  • SPF 10, are you kidding me :-/ what is its use to me.
  • No PA+ protection, mehhh.
  • Feels greasy *uggh*
  • Where is oxybenzone in the ingredient list?
  • No sunscreen ingredient present in it.
  • Does it even protect me against sun? I suspect it!
  • Photostable, from where is it a chemical sunscreen?

BML Rating: 1/5

Pick it or Ditch it:

Do I need to say that? Stay far away from this sunscreen as its of no use, simply wastage of money!