Rangoli Designs For Diwali
Hey Everyone,

Happy Dhanteras! So how’s your Diwali shopping going? I have shopped quite a few things for Diwali which I’m so excited about- few pieces of chunky ear rings, gold pendant and ear rings, one suit and a lehenga and few home decor pieces :)
What do you do to decorate your home on Diwali, I’m sure you all decorate your home with diyas, lighting, lantern, rangoli and many other things. I have compiled few designs of Rangoli which might help you in choosing your rangoli design for Diwali.

Rangoli-Designs-For-DiwaliStone Rangoli: This one is the simplest of all! You just have to place the market bought stones or rangoli pieces and design them in whatever pattern you like- circular, rectangular! This one is for the lazy bums like me or who doesn’t know the art of making rangoli.

This is such a beautiful stone rangoli, the colors are so fresh and vibrant!!

Rangoli Designs For DiwaliAnother readymade stone rangoli desgin, I quite like the work on the pieces.Rangoli Designs For DiwaliGorgeous black and green rangoli in rectangular pattern with diyas placed on the sides and in the centre!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA beautiful peacock rangoli, needs some good art skills to make this one. It’s so beautiful, it will brighten up your whole home if you try making this!Rangoli Designs For DiwaliThis rangoli is made with flowers, it looks quite tough but it’s just the pattern on the floor decorated with different flowers. This one also makes a good and easy one and lighten up some diyas at the corner or on all ends of rangoli to make it more stunning.Rangoli Designs For DiwaliAnother beautiful colorful design!Rangoli Designs For DiwaliThis rangoli design has a big diya in the centre and medium sized diyas decorated on the sides. It’s a combination of various colors which is what makes it more beautiful.Rangoli Designs For DiwaliPurple rangoli on black surface, what a lovely combination it makes!Rangoli Designs For DiwaliRangoli design for the full floor. This rangoli is made almost on half the floor surface and is just so artistic! On the sides, matkas are laid with color popping out of them. See what unique ideas such rangolis give us.Rangoli Designs For DiwaliThis rangoli gives such a festive feeling with all the flowers and diyas decorated in rangoli pattern. I always make one rangoli with different flowers and place diyas and candles on the sides, I just love the brightness and freshness it adds to my house.Rangoli Designs For DiwaliRangoli designed with colors, flowers and diyas, perfect combination of everything.Rangoli Designs For DiwaliThis is called the diya rangoli, You can simply decorate the diya in a certain order or align them on some raised surface of your floor which looks like a certain pattern.Rangoli Designs For DiwaliA beautiful ‘om’ rangoli, make an om and make boundaries on the ends either in a circle or in square, both looks equally good and then place some flowers and diyas or candles on all the corners to add more depth to the rangoli.Rangoli Designs For DiwaliA gorgeous swatsik rangoli!! Love the color combination of this rangoli!Rangoli Designs For DiwaliThese are the few rangoli designs I found interesting. Hope you liked this post, don’t forget to share your comments on what rangoli design you liked the most!!

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