Shankara Ayurvedic Timeless Moisturizer is a well formulated Ayurvedic moisturizer that contains timeless ingredients used since centuries like Saffron, Kumkumadi oil, Manjistha and Lotus.

It smells very strongly of raw sandalwood and the fragrance lingers for a quite long time. The moisturizer goes on matte on skin and easily absorbs, won’t be effective on dry skin, almost feels like a tinted moisturizer or a calamine lotion. Oily skinned people will like it more because of how matte if feels on the skin.

I can see improved skin glow, skin looks brighter and even toned when using this moisturizer which is rare with any other moisturizer, it’s all in one – a brightening potion in a bottle which brightens and moisturizes the skin (could be due to the presence of brightening ingredients in it).

It’s priced at 2850 for 50ml and 1050 for 12ml which I feel is decent looking at its performance.

For those wanting to try it to see how it works can try the mini pack first – Buy Here.