My skin care has been quite simple lately – cleanse, tone and moisturize. But with that said, I try to include some extra products here and there like a face pack once or twice week, a chemical exfoliator like a glycolic toner or an aha bha face mask once in 15 days.

I haven been trying this new brand  – The Natural Wash and loving some of its products, so today, I’m going to share some of my favorite products from this brand that has helped me get rid of any scars I had left over post my derma rolling sessions.

The Natural Wash Skin Care Products

The Natural Wash SkinFix D-Tan & D-Pigmentation Pack

This face pack has become an integral part of my skin care routine, I use it once or twice a week or whenever I feel my skin needs a little more than my usual routine. I keep it on for 20 minutes and follow it up with a heavy duty moisturizer or a snail essence (digging snail products a lot lately). The pack does add a visible glow post usage which stays on for like a day but what I really like about this face pack is how effective it is in removing a fresh tan (4-5 old days tan to be precise) and how it adds a fresh glow to dull, tired looking skin. It pretty much suits all skin types but you’d need a moisturizer to lock in some moisture after using this pack.

The Natural Wash Neem Soap

I usually don’t use or you could say I never use soaps on my face but this time I coincidentally ran out of my face wash and didn’t have anything else to use than to try out this neem soap which was just sitting in my stash, looking at me and calling out my name that I had to give it a go. And oh boy, did I like it? Damn right, I loved it, this would be the first ever soap I used on my face in ages and actually really liked! It does not strip my skin off moisture which is my main concern with using soaps on my face or anywhere on my body for that matter, freshens up my face and does get rid of all the dirt and grime. And it does not break me out. It also lessens the appearance of active pimples as it’s neem based and I definitely see them shrinking in size in a day or two.

The Natural Wash Rose Water

This rose water comes in a mist spray which makes it really handy and convenient to use. I use this after using a glycolic acid toner or after using an aha bha peel mask to add up to the lost moisture and to give my skin a way of absorbing products better as I usually use all my products on damp skin. The rose water instantly hydrates the skin and makes my skin fresh as soon as I spritz it on my face. I keep using this rose water throughout the day to freshen up my face or whenever I feel my skin is a bit dehydrated and I love the way how it instantly makes my skin feel hydrated and fresh!

The Natural Wash Anti Acne Powder

This would be my least used product but that’s because it’s meant to be used on active pimples and acne which I rarely get now, thanks to my amazing skin care routine! But this would also be my second favorite product out of all the products as I’ve seen a pimple vanish overnight after using it 3-4 times a day which is how the instructions says to use it (3-4 times a day just on active pimples). What more could you ask for from a product, I really haven’t come across any such natural product that can vanish a pimple as fast as it can, I used to use Clindamycin to treat active pimples overnight which is a prescription gel but now I just use this pack as it also helps in lightening the mark left behind by a pimple.

So, these were some of my favorite products from The Natural Wash that I would definitely recommend. The Natural Wash products are all natural, chemical free and made from various Herbal derivatives. They are also very well priced looking at the quantity of the products.

You can find these products on their official website and on Amazon!