Hello Ladies!!

In my last post, I talked about Top Enemies for all Skin Types and today I will tell you what are some of the skin’s best friends that can win over the enemies of skin. While the skin’s enemies harm your skin in every way, these skin’s best friends will benefit your skin giving you a glowing and youthful skin.Skin's Best Friends

1. Use a good brand sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays. Doing this on a daily basis will give you softer, fairer and youthful skin over time. Do you remember from my last post what can be the effects if you don’t protect your skin from sunlight.

2. Wash your face every morning and night with a mild cleanser and then use a good quality moisturizer.

3.The secret to soft and glowing skin is keeping the skin hydrated from inside. For this you need to drink tons and tons of water.

4. Do not consume alcohol and cigarette at least for the sake of your skin and health.

5. Whenever you scrub your face, scrub in a light motion and as per the directions. Don’t rub your face vigorously while scrubbing.

6. To maintain moisture in your skin, mix a few drops of bath oil in your bucket and take bath with it. This will form a thin layer of oil on your skin (will not give that oily feeling) but will give you moisturized skin for the whole day.

7. Use a night cream regularly because night is the time when your skin cells repair and your skin complexion revives. Night creams work when you sleep and over time, they nourish, replenish and clarifies your skin.

8. Take proper and full night’s sleep for glowing skin and take rest whenever you get time in between your work.

9. Massage your face with an oil based cream every night before going to bed. This will provide the necessary nutrients and moisture to your skin.

10. To give your skin a glow, apply a face pack made of urad dal powder, rose water, glycerin and almond oil. This will instantly give you more brighter and soft skin.

11. For a healthy skin, take a diet rich in vitamin A, C, E & B. Taking a diet rich in vitamins and minerals will surely reward you with great results. You’ll notice your skin to be more glowy, youthful and soft.

12. Exercise for 15-20 minutes daily. Exercise increases the blood circulation in your body and reduces stress and also helps you sleep better. Exercising for at least 15-20 minutes will keep your skin glowing. Because when you exercise, you start sweating and sweating is known for drawing out all the impurities from your skin. This one is from my personal experience, when I practise yoga, I sweat a lot and after I finish doing yoga I feel that my face is more brighter, glowing and fairer. Seriously :)

13. Get facials done once in a month, this will get your skin rid of impurities.

14. For a healthy and vibrant skin, you need EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), a type of fatty acid found in fish oil. This is necessary for keeping your skin soft and smooth and acne free. If it is taken with  vitamin E then it will give double benefits.

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