the-real-struggle-with-pcos-how-i-overcame-it-l-4j7uhxNearly 12 years ago, I began to experience an irregular menstrual cycle. I overlooked it for a while. Nevertheless as time passed I inferred that it was rather more than just irregular periods. I experienced pricking pain in my abdomen every now and then. I had also gained a lot of weight within a period of three months – from 52 kgs to 68 kgs, a bulky 16 kilos

Gosh! I found it challenging to walk even a few steps. I also began to experience severe anxiety on account of what, I did not know then. Gradually, I noticed changes in my otherwise acne free skin. I had new warts and skin tags too. Hair loss was the added affliction.

I decided to consult the gynecologist. I explained my predicament to her and she suggested that I go in for an Ultrasound. With a heavy bladder and dying to pee, I went in for the scan. I was cursing myself for the ordeal, more because I just wanted to rush to the loo. I waited for my reports and when they came my gynecologist called for me. She told me that I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome/Disease (PCOS/PCOD). The left and the right ovaries showed the presence of multiple follicles.

She sat me down and queried me on my medical history.I revealed to her that I was a skinny girl who even at the age of 17 weighed only 36 kgs, way too low, though in perfect health. I was repeatedly chided by my friends and kinsfolk for being skin and bones.

“Why don’t you put on some flesh?”

“Oh! Being skinny is being ugly! Look at your cheeks, sticking inside.”

Had it been now, 12 years apart, people would have envied me for being a size zero.

Overwhelmed with anguish over my feathery physique, I began to pamper myself with food. The soul who was previously confined to homemade food and was basically following a vegetarian diet ended up eating Chicken Burgers every alternate day. You might ask what about the other days. Well, on the other days I had pastries, chocolates and all sorts of food that would help me add a few pounds. Voracious me! I enjoyed eating! Eating often and eating out was by now my best leisure pursuit. And then from 36kgs I reached 52, a weight which was considered ideal for my height of 5’2” feet.  I was content. People said I looked blameless with nice red cheeks. I was ecstatic, every bit of it.

Alas! The happiness was not forever!

And now I was here at the gynecologist diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

The doctor prescribed hormonal pills along with Rantac. I took the pills on a regular basis for 21 days after which I had a regular cycle. The treatment continued for three months.  However Rantac was arogue that caused me acidity and bloating. I was in college then pursuing my degree and every day I used to run out of the class to throw up all that I had eaten. The medicines affected me badly. I tried to reason out with my gynecologist regarding the side effects of the medicines I was taking, but she exclaimed that she was happy that my periods were now regular. I further explained to her that I was continuing to experience severe pinching pain in the abdomen, was having severe hair loss and was also gasping often.

She asked me to repeat the scan and meanwhile asked me to get the thyroid hormone test, prolactin hormone test and a complete blood picture test done. The test reports came and it showed that though my periods had regularized, I was still continuing to have PCOS and though eating well I was very low on hemoglobin.The Prolactin hormone level was way too high.  Then she suggested that I make certain alterations in my eating patterns. I continued to take the hormone pills and stopped binge eating and over eating. Periods were regular on account of hormone pills but all the symptoms remained – hair loss, breathlessness, anxiety, depression, bloating and acidity.

I was fighting my own demons. One moment I was laughing loud and the other minute I was crying like a baby. I was fed up of myself. I was tired of my mood swings. The moment I stopped taking medicines for a month on the advice of the gynecologist my cycle went awry.

Fed up, I decided to research and to my joy I found out that there was a cure for this. I googled for more data and I comprehended that PCOS was a disease that affected 1 in every 10 women. It was not only a hormonal problem, but also a metabolic disorder. It is also a major cause of female infertility. It could lead to endometrial cancer if not attended to, early. In PCOD, the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone go out of control. I also learnt that this problem can be overcome by making certain changes in our lifestyle. I decided to act rather than sulk over the sickness that was taking away the joy from each of my days.

I moved from Allopathic medicines to Ayurvedic medicines. The first thing they did was offer me medication to clean my gut. I consumed 30 ml of castor oil in warm water every night. The body would flush out toxins in this manner. Within 2 weeks, I began to lose weight. With recharged mindfulness, I was inspired to work towards my good health and a better life. I was motivated, motivated greatly and many a times a little motivation can go a long way.

I began to exercise.I had honey and cinnamon in warm water on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.  After half an hour I consumed one liter of water. Later, I had oats for breakfast. For lunch and dinner Iimplemented portion control. If I was having 2 chapathis earlier, it had now become one. I ditched sugars completely, in tea and coffee too. I had anearly dinner. I said no to fried items, ice creams and chocolates and all other junk food. I drank lots of warm water during the day

I walked 4 kms every day. I walked inside my house, on the terrace and even did some running around. I dumped the mop stick and used the mop cloth instead. I was sweating profusely, sometimes stinking, but that did not discourage me from working towards my goal of a PCOS-free life. It was already four years now that I was suffering. I underwent ayurvedic treatment for six months. There were no side effects of medication any longer. After the treatment ceased I didn’t dare to go for an ultrasound as I didn’t want to be disappointed, just in case I was still suffering, despite all my efforts. But yes, I was determined to keep working towards my goal. I continued with my new routine for another two years. I lost 14 kgs. And then one day, I decided to go for an Ultrasound Scan. To my greater joy I discovered that I had perfectly healthy ovaries with no traces of any cysts.

My weight was now 54 kgs and I was no longer experiencing terrible mood swings or any pricking pain. My skin improved and my hair grew back, longer and stronger. I was now a free soul! Free from PCOS, the disease that once threatened me.

I appeal to each of you suffering from this ailment to contemplate on the following:

I appeal to each of you suffering from this ailment to contemplate on the following:

  1. The best way to overcome your struggle with PCOD is tofirst modify your lifestyle.
  2. Incorporate healthy home-made food, fruits and veggies in your diet.
  3. Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydratedand flush out the toxins from your body.
  4. Ditch the sugars.
  5. Reduce intake of junk food greatly.
  6. Go for brisk walks for at least 20 minutes every day.
  7. Do householdchores without complaining.
  8. Exercise portion control.
  9. Say “I love you” to yourself. Love your body.
  10. Train your mind to exercise self-control when required.


  • PCOD treatment and its success vary from women to women.
  • You can choose to follow whichever scheme of medicine you deem fit – Allopathic, Ayurveda or Homeopathy.
  • Remember God helps those who help themselves. It is the same with medicine. You have to cooperate and make changes in your lifestyle and be disciplined enough to overcome your battle with PCOD.

By, Princy Berlin