With winters at its peak and temperatures dipping, my skin has been getting dry. My skin was not just losing its sheen, but was also becoming itchy and patchy.

When I found Vanya Herbal ANAARSOFT Pomegranate Body Cream, I was extremely happy to try it.

Vanya Herbal Anaarsoft Pomegranate Body Cream

Vanya Herbal ANAARSOFT Pomegranate Body Cream claims that –

Enhances skin texture
Pomegranate is known for as a UV protector
Nourishes and hydrates skin
On regular application skin looks healthy, soft, supple and smooth.
Rejuvenates and tones the skin pores

ANAARSOFT is an extremely porous and luxurious body cream made with a collation of pomegranate oil, pomegranate extract and kokum butter, carefully blended into a super smooth skin protection cream for nourishment. Enriched with Vitamin E and antioxidants of red and beautiful pomegranate. It always keeps skin moisturized, soft, smooth and supple. Look younger with anti-ageing effects of Pomegranate Body Cream and nourish your body with added benefits of 100% Pure Aloe Vera extract and Himalayan Rose Water to keep skin healthy and hydrated. It is suitable for all skin types throughout the year.


Pomegranate Extract
Pomegranate oil
Kokum Butter
Pure Himalayan Rose Water
Pure Aloe vera Leaf Juice
Himalayan Juniper Oil
Himalayan Cedar Essential Oil

The cream comes in a silver tin tub package. It is not only travel-friendly but is also quite sturdy.

My Personal experience – I have been using Vanya Herbal ANAARSOFT Pomegranate Body Cream for almost 1.5 months now and this blog documents my personal experience.

The texture of the cream is certainly smooth and really creamy. The cream spreads easily on the skin and is also a quick absorbent. I personally found hydration for up to 5-6 hours. This may vary as per your skin texture and weather conditions in your area. It smells great and the smell lasts for a good amount of time.


Pretty pink, sturdy and classy packaging.
Fresh fragrance
Perfect blend of pomegranate and kokum butter
Creamy, velvety texture
Provides hydration for 5-6 hours
Made up of natural ingredients
Enriched with anti-aging properties
Gets quickly absorbed
Leak proof packaging
Suitable for all skin types throughout the year.


• Price is a bit on the higher side

Cost – Vanya Herbal ANAARSOFT Pomegranate Body Cream – 60gmsM.R.P.: 600.00

I would highly recommend this cream to someone looking for 5-6 hours hydration.

Review by Princy