Hi Girls,

I did some shopping on saturday and I’ll be showing you what all I got in my weekend shopping haul. Let the piccys do the talking..

Weekend Shopping Haul

Body lotions are like saviour for my dry skin. I just pick everything where it says for dry skin.Weekend Shopping Haul

The SA bugged me to take this or else I was not planning to get this at all. Let’s see how it fares out for my hair.Weekend Shopping Haul

Anything that says lightening attracts me, so picked it up after reading its tag line.Weekend Shopping HaulI love oiling my hair and I have stock of all types of oils with me. I have been facing some dandruff flakes lately on my head so I picked up this oil for anti-dandruff and the other one is castor oil which is like must for me.

Weekend Shopping HaulSported some new stuff so bought them to try them out.

Weekend Shopping HaulI love pedicure and manicure kits, they are easy to work with and gives great results at home.

Weekend Shopping HaulWanted to try these face packs from so long, soon after sporting them, I picked up two of them for my dry skin.

Weekend Shopping HaulSome makeup products.

Weekend Shopping HaulLoving this cutie lately. It’s just so cute.

Weekend Shopping HaulWhat do you think of my haul, do not forget to share in the comments.