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You buy tons of makeup products, fills shelves of makeup, overload your makeup kit, go on buying so many unnecessary things when all you really need are these 13 essentials!

Makeup Kit Must Haves What You Need In Your Makeup BagMakeup Must haves:

Foundation: It’s a must have in any makeup kit. Flawless, even tone skin starts with a good foundation and you should really invest in a good foundation, if you ask me what should I spend on in my makeup, I would say on foundation coz good flawless skin begins with a foundation in your makeup routine. Use a light-weight foundation for good coverage and even skin tone. Make sure to blend well. Blending right is the key with base products specially foundation. So use any tool that works for you or just use your fingers to blend in your foundation.

Concealer: If you have good skin, you can do away with foundation but if you got dark circles, blemishes, acne, pigmentation, you really can not survive without concealer in your makeup kit. I mean you can survive but you ought to have a concealer in your kit! Concealer is a must for me and I have different concealers for my under eye circles and for my blemishes. I use a highlighting concealer (Maybelline dream lumi touch) for my under eyes as that works best for the under eye area and a regular concealer for blemishes coz a highlighting concealer doesn’t work for blemishes as it highlights the blemishes rather than hiding them.

Blush: Blush gives an instant hint of color and is great for days when you need an instant boost of freshness and vibrancy! Blush comes in two different forms: powder and cream blush.

Kohl Pencil: Kohl Pencil is a must have in every Indian girl’s handbag. I recommend you to get a black or brown for a look that goes with all outfits and also complements Indian skin tone. For brown, try Lakme eyeconic in brown and for black you have so many options in the market to choose from, get any black kohl that you like.

White Kohl Pencil: The trend of white pencil started recently and you should really own a white pencil coz it’s a multipurpose product in makeup. It helps to give a illusion of big eyes when used on waterline, can be used on brow bone as a highlighter, above the cupid bow to highlight your lip’s shape, as a lip liner to make your lip’s shape more pronounced and in many different ways, I should share a post on ways to use a white pencil, what say? The affordable, easily available white eye pencil in India is the Lakme eyeconic white pencil.

Mascara: You need a mascara in your makeup kit! Here’s the answer why, mascara is a secret to drool worthy sultry eyes. You can do away with kohl many times when you don’t want to go over the top with makeup but you can’t with mascara as it gives a different illusion to your eyes. You can just apply mascara when you are not wearing eye shadow to pop up your eyes or on days when you feel sick and don’t want to wear eye shadow, just wear a mascara alone or with shadow for more drama.

Curler: Not an optional item! Curler is also a must have in any makeup kit and you should invest in a nice one to get wide rolled up lashes.

Pearly Eye shadow: Pearly eye shadow helps create a gorgeous, yet subtle day look. For the night look, apply pearly shadow with heavy hand and add lots of kohl for a dramatic look.

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Makeup Kit Must Haves What You Need In Your Makeup BagGrey Eye shadow: It is an essential shade for creating looks for the night. Go smokey with grey eye shadow or subtle paired with bold, glossy red lips.

Black Matte Eye shadow: A must have in my opinion! It’s great for creating smokey eyes and giving an extra drama to your whole makeup look. You can go bold by pairing smokey black eyes with red lips like I do most of the time or just subtle by pairing smokey eyes with n*de or pink lips.

Red Lipstick: My favorite item in my makeup bag! My friend calls me a red heroine seeing my love for red lipstick :D Red lipstick is a classic that never goes out of style and will never even go according to me. Pick a shade of red that suits you best and your skin tone keeping your undertone in mind.

Sheer Gloss: It can be used as it is when you want subtle fresh look or with your lippies to give glossy lips. It makes any matte lipstick turn into shiny, glossy lipstick. It adds shine to any look.

N*de Lipstick: N*de lipstick is a must have on days when you want not so loud lips. Apply it as it is or with a sheer gloss for shiny, glossy lips anytime (during the day or night).

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, I will be coming with more of such series as I feel people quite enjoy reading posts like this!