In this post, we will look at a few easy, but effective tips and tools like a pair of barber scissors that will help give you a healthy-looking head of hair and guarantee excellent first impressions.

Identify your Scalp Type

Before you jump on any hair tips, it’s important to know that not all hair tips will have the same results for all types of scalps. To pick the right tips, you need to know what kind of scalp you have.

  • Oily scalp – If you have an oily scalp, your hair will look and feel greasy most of the time even when you’ve not applied anything to it. If you have an oily scalp, it’s best to stay away from products that hydrate, moisturise or promise to balance or to strengthen hair. Such products will only aggravate the situation and make things worse.
  • Dry scalp – A dry scalp will often lead to flaking and dandruff. If you have a dry scalp, those hydrating and moisturising products will come in handy. If your scalp is severely dry, you might want to visit a professional because over the counter products might not do enough to salvage your situation.
  • Normal scalp – You don’t have anything to worry about if you have a normal scalp. You shouldn’t be too worried about which you should apply to your hair and which ones to stay away from. But, that doesn’t mean you get careless.

Eat Right

Whatever you eat affects the quality of your hair. You need to eat foods that promote hair growth. That means eating lots of proteins and other healthy foods. Most men will prefer to cut corners and take supplements instead. While these also work, they are not nearly as effective.

There’s not much hair products can do for you if your hair doesn’t have the right nutrition to grow healthy and thick. Once you have adopted the right meal plan and your hair starts growing, it’s much easier to incorporate other tips that can improve the appearance and shine of the hair.

Wash the Hair with Lukewarm Water

There’s no doubt those hot showers at the end of the day make you feel good and relaxed. But, you might want to save those for the rest of your body and only use lukewarm water for your hair. Extremely hot water strips all the natural oils from your hair. This makes it look dry after the shower and exposes it to frizziness.

A cold shower, on the other hand, doesn’t clean the hair properly and will often leave build-up inside the scalp, which can make the hair difficult to manage. The best option is to use lukewarm water. It removes dirt but doesn’t strip hair of its natural oils.

After washing the hair, remember to pat it dry using your towel. Rubbing with the towel and really getting it in there ensures the hair dries faster, but also breaks the hair and it’s worse when you have weak hair which becomes even weaker when wet.

Use Sulphate-Free Products

Most cheap shampoos contain sulfates. Sulfates help to create more foam. To the mind, the feeling of running your fingers through more form creates a belief that the product is doing much better job cleaning.

Even though sulfates create more foam, they will also strip more natural oils from your hair. As a result, you’re going to have dry and brittle hair and can even make it harder for a barber to work on certain cuts.

Go for shampoo products that have hydrolysed proteins, Vitamin E and amino acids as the main ingredients. These will ensure a clean scalp without taking away the natural oil in the hair strands.

Get an Essential Oil Massage

Image result for head oil massage procedure

To give your hair that shiny and healthy appearance, you can give yourself a scalp massage for about five minutes a day up to three times a week. Almond oil, coconut and gooseberry are great when you’re looking for that thick head of hair. The nutrients from your ingredients are not the only benefits your hair will receive. The pressure from your fingertips stimulates various parts of the scalp that are essential for hair growth which is a great plus.

To make the massages even more beneficial, you can add essential oils like rosemary and peppermint to your mixture. These are known for their hair growing benefits.

To give your hair an extra dose of proteins, you can have an egg wash before the massage. This will help hair grow faster and look healthier.

The Takeaway

Even with these benefits, you shouldn’t forget that a good haircut goes a long way in making you look better and more appealing. But your barber can only do so much. Most of the responsibilities of ensuring you have healthy hair are on you.